Discussion in 'Firefox' started by oldtrout, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. oldtrout

    oldtrout Guest

    I subscribed to a newsgroup and I would like to see all the newsgroups
    that are available.

    I went to "help" and followed these instructions:

    "To subscribe to a newsgroup, begin from the Mail window:

    1. Open the File menu and choose Subscribe. You see the Subscribe
    dialogue box.
    2. If necessary, click the Account drop-down list to choose another
    newsgroup account."

    When I do this all that shows is my accout name.

    Help please.


    oldtrout, Nov 19, 2003
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  2. oldtrout

    David Warren Guest

    You have to wait while Mozilla downloads all the newsgroups from your
    server. This may take a couple of minutes if you are on a dial-up

    - David
    David Warren, Nov 20, 2003
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  3. oldtrout

    oldtrout Guest

    When I go to "Subscribe To Newsgroups" what shows in "Accout" is my
    Name. If I type anything in "Show Items That Contain" nothing happens.

    I am high speed cable.

    Help please!


    oldtrout, Nov 20, 2003
  4. oldtrout

    dantu Guest

    Did you enter the proper values for the news server when you set up the
    In the same screen instead of selecting Subscribe to Newsgroups select
    Server Settings and let us know what is there.
    dantu, Nov 20, 2003
  5. oldtrout

    oldtrout Guest


    Thanks for your patience

    oldtrout, Nov 21, 2003
  6. oldtrout

    dantu Guest

    Okay, what port number is specified
    and is SSL enabled or not? (they are on the server settings page)

    they shoud be 119 and no checkmark respectively
    I just created a newsgroup account with that server
    and there are five available newsgroups.
    dantu, Nov 21, 2003
  7. oldtrout

    oldtrout Guest

    It is marker 119 and SSL is not checked

    There is only one NG listed "acd"

    There are only 7 sub groups

    In the box "Account Name" is "Oldtrout"

    There is nothing in the box "Show items that contain" & if I type
    something in there nothing happens.

    Does the fact that I am using Free Agent have anything to do with my
    inability to get the other newsgroups?
    oldtrout, Nov 21, 2003
  8. oldtrout

    dantu Guest

    Because thats all there is! Those seven sub groups are all the
    newsgroups available on that server, period.
    Searching for anything will avail you nothing, as there isnt anymore!
    All the groups you can subscribe to on that server are right there, take
    your pick.
    dantu, Nov 21, 2003
  9. oldtrout

    oldtrout Guest


    I guess that tells me why I can't get anymore.

    So I was doing things right after all, for a change. :)

    Thank you for trying to help me do the impossible.


    oldtrout, Nov 21, 2003
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