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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Robo-man, May 2, 2009.

  1. Robo-man

    Robo-man Guest

    I forgot.

    What's this newsgroup supposed to be about again !!!!!!!!!!!
    Robo-man, May 2, 2009
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  2. Recently it has been about pointing out the retards that do not know
    what the group topic is. Their number is great.
    Archimedes' Lever, May 2, 2009
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  3. You ridicule yourself. The proof? You actually think that you have
    ridiculed someone else on Usenet, the one place where such claims only
    serve to show just how little the claimant knows about reality.
    Archimedes' Lever, May 2, 2009

  4. Perhaps you need to gain a better understanding of the form, fit and
    function of a piñata?
    Richard Cranium, May 2, 2009
  5. Robo-man

    Stan Brown Guest

    "Richard Cranium"'s mental masturbation, apparently. :)
    Stan Brown, May 4, 2009

  6. Hello Stan:

    Do you arrive at that conclusion by virtue of reading only a few of
    the most recent postings? Methinks that if you read here for a while,
    you would be able to develop a better (i.e., more accurate) sense of
    where the various players are coming from (and going). I submit that
    you might then come to a different conclusion.

    Have a nice day!

    Richard Cranium
    Richard Cranium, May 4, 2009

  7. Sounded like a grammatically perfect computer bot wrote it.

    But just like Obama... the guy that can get so much education and still
    be as dumb as a box of rocks, we all know you're still a total retard at
    the core, RichTard!

    Bwuahahahaha! Have a nice day... indeed!
    Archimedes' Lever, May 5, 2009
  8. Goodness. Now you're attacking the intellect of your new leader?

    It's quite clear from the mass of recent postings that:
    1. Richard Cranium, Richard C., The Mighty TB, et. al. are reasonably
    intelligent people who have a great command of the written word.
    2. Their utilization of foul language has only been in response to
    your initialization of same.
    3. You, on the other hand, immediately launch into a stream of
    obscenities in almost every post.
    4. Cranium confronted you with a dare to solve a puzzle that he
    (admittedly) could not solve. His failure did not seem to diminish
    his ability to enjoy trying.
    5. Cranium followed with taunts when you failed to show the courage to
    accept the gamble. Taunts degenerated into foul language in response
    to your similarly worded posts.
    6. You scurry about trying to deflect the focus by selectively stating
    the importance of "dynamic focus circuitry", thereby making you a joke
    (at least in my office)
    7. Now you attack EVERYONE who does not agree with your unsupportable

    There is only one thing of importance here and that is the FACT that
    you will be forever branded a loser until you solve (or try to solve)
    Cranium's puzzle. Clearly you are stalling in the hope that the
    puzzle will appear elsewhere so you can work on it beforehand (recall
    it is an original authored by Cranium's co-worker, so it will be
    unique for a while). You should know that will fail because the fact
    that it has been revealed will be clear from the posting dates. We
    can all Google the subject. I just did and such a puzzle is not yet
    in the realm.

    Do you have the ability to try, knowing that you might not succeed?
    Do you have sufficient strength in character to take such a risk? I
    think not, but we'll all see what you say next.
    orville.forbush, May 5, 2009
  9. <<<<<Snip>>>>>

    As I stated earlier, I will NOT present the puzzle to anyone but
    Archie. He is the one who has placed himself above everyone else, yet
    he refuses to take the risk of not being able to solve the problem.
    That alone provides me with sufficient fodder to ridicule him no
    matter how mant CRTs he succeeds in enabling to receive "Life of
    Riley". Until and unless he tries the puzzle (and I ask that no one
    post the answer before he does (if he is able to solve it), Archie is
    a loser, plain and simple. And by the way, I too am Googling the
    puzzle subject lines to see when it becomes common knowledge to ensure
    that Archie cannot change his mind after that fact.
    Richard Cranium, May 5, 2009
  10. ^^^^^^^^
    Archimedes' Lever, May 8, 2009

  11. Absolutely not. It is quite obvious that TB and Cranium are high school
    jock mentality idiots. It is blatantly obvious when one examines the form
    of attack they use.

    You are just the 'new ditz in town'.
    Archimedes' Lever, May 8, 2009

  12. You need to understand the term "purposeful".
    Archimedes' Lever, May 8, 2009

  13. All your gay horseshit wasn't?

    That was when your retarded mother was brought into it, asswipe.

    You are vile, at its base.
    Archimedes' Lever, May 8, 2009

  14. Current project: JSF program.

    You lose... again.
    Archimedes' Lever, May 8, 2009
  15. On Thu, 07 May 2009 20:01:09 -0700, Archimedes' Lever
    <> screamed in utter frustration at
    anyone who would listen (and no one did):

    "I WILL NEVER examine your retarded puzzle EVER in any way shape or

    Bwuahahahaha - you CHICKENSHIT! Whatsa' matter fagboi - afraid your
    knuckle-draggin' true self might become exposed?
    Richard Cranium, May 8, 2009
  16. I knew that instead of catching the post about what I am working on, you
    decided to be your same, immature little E-1 grade piece of shit self.

    If you ever did work on RADAR arrays, your overexposure to them is part
    of what is wrong with you, I am sure.
    Archimedes' Lever, May 8, 2009
  17. On Thu, 07 May 2009 20:28:49 -0700, Archimedes' Lever
    <> exhibited increasing tendencies
    towards fantasizing his value:

    " . . . about what I am working on, . . ."

    You are a pathetic douchebag who lies incessantly on Usenet about
    being an engineer, working on advanced, sophisticated projects, having
    exceptional athletic and intellectual prowess, ad nauseum.

    The truth is you have no education, are employed as a gofer, and are
    actually an obese slug with a repulsive physical appearance to match
    your drab personality. You have absolutely no social skills and are
    regarded as a sexually deviant geek by those who see you.

    The regulars over at are quite familiar with
    you. They find your Usenet behavior quite disturbing as they too,
    feel you are fast approaching a breaking point. They worry that you
    may harm others who may be nearby when you finally snap. I, on the
    other hand, feel confident that you will self-destruct from
    ultra-aggressive masturbation resulting in genital mutiliation - and
    that will come by yourself in a dimly lit bathroom at an MTS station.
    Richard Cranium, May 8, 2009
  18. On Thu, 07 May 2009 23:35:19 -0700, Archimedes' Lever


    Ooooooooohhhhhhh ... seems like I struck a nerve, eh Archie? It's so
    easy to visualize your face flushing bright red highlighting each and
    every zit, pockmark, hollow and indentation on your pus-dripping face.
    I can see your brow furrowing and feel the heat emanating from your
    bald spot as you creep ever so much closer to the breaking point.
    There are so many here and at who are laughing
    almost uncontrollably at you each time you attempt to portray your
    puny existence as something of importance. You are not important to
    any one at any time; never have been and never will be. You are the
    poster boy for "Mr. Before" in advertising campaigns. You are the one
    Charles Atlas' ads referred to years before you were even born. The
    one potentially encouraging attribute is that if you truly "go
    coastal", you are afforded an ideal opportunity to simply begin
    walking westward until you sleep with the fishes.

    Bwuahahahaha - you're gonna blow soon!
    Richard Cranium, May 8, 2009
  19. My God, you are blind. You are unable to see what a fool they are
    making of you. Although I am a new visitor here, I could immediately
    see that you will lose all credibility here by not answering the
    puzzle challenge - and yes, it is a challenge that Cranium made to
    YOU! You can squawk all you want about a proper challenge, but you
    cannot avoid the fact that a gauntlet has been thrown down and you are
    attempting to ignore it will all manner of spurious arguments. You
    cannot. What you fail to recognize is that when you try to solve the
    puzzle, you cannot lose. If you solve it, you're a hero and Cranium
    must go away. If you fail, you did no worse that Cranium because he
    alread admitted that he did not come up with a proper answer. He
    unwittingly made the challenge a win-win for you. Personally I enjoy
    these brain teasers, but Cranium refused to take me on. Your the only
    one who can beat him at this. If you don't, you'll become irrelevant
    here, though you can always come back with another identity.
    orville.forbush, May 8, 2009
  20. Robo-man

    Richard C. Guest

    : On Tue, 05 May 2009 13:39:23 GMT, (Richard Cranium)
    : wrote:
    : >4. You are delusional and think you are important (you are not)
    : Current project: JSF program.
    : You lose... again.

    So you clean toilets at a Defense Contractor's shop.

    Richard C., May 8, 2009
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