Newsgroup message filter works - sometimes

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Z, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Z

    Z Guest

    Thunderbird 1.0.6, Windows XP Pro.

    I set up a filter on a newsgroup based on "Sender is ..." criteria. The
    filter action is to mark the message as read.

    The filter seemed to be working fine until this morning, when I saw a
    message from the filtered poster that was not marked read. I checked the
    filter log and the log indicates that the filter was applied to the
    message and the action was mark read, but the fact is that it was _not_
    marked read.


    If this happens again, what additional information can I gather to help
    figure out what the problem is?
    Z, Nov 1, 2005
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  2. Z

    vernon Guest

    I gave up trying to fix that.
    Delete works
    Mark read doesn't seem to.
    vernon, Nov 1, 2005
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