Newsgroup filters in Thunderbird?

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Jakob Borg, Jul 25, 2004.

  1. Jakob Borg

    Jakob Borg Guest

    Hi all,

    It seems that you can only filter newsgroup messages on Sender, Date and
    Subject, whereas for e-mail you can specify header fields for yourself.
    This _severely_ limits the usefullness in my opinion as I find that much
    filtering has to be done on Path, Newgroups etc. I'm well aware that not
    all header fields are available before getting the actual news articles,
    but some are (other news clients sometimes have the concept of "cheap"
    and "expensive" fields to filter on, and alter the user to the fact that
    filtering will require fetching more data from the news server).

    So, anyone have a solution to this? Would it be possible to write an
    extension to do ir perhaps?
    Jakob Borg, Jul 25, 2004
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