Newsgroup filtering not working in Thunderbird

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by james_bray, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. james_bray

    james_bray Guest


    I must be losing the plot here, but I cant seem to get newsgroup
    filtering to work at all in Thunderbird 1.0.6.


    1. Select message in newsgroup that I want to block sender of.
    2. Right click on sender email and choose Create filter from message
    3. Leave defaults (filter on email and delete) and press OK

    Nothing happens! And there is no way to manually apply the filter!

    WTF? Is this supposed to work or what!?!

    Arrrggh... I like Thunderbird, but if it doesnt support this *basic*
    feature, I'm gonna have to switch...

    James Bray
    james_bray, Aug 28, 2005
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  2. james_bray

    Harry Krause Guest

    I think you are using the email filter device. While in usenet, go to
    tools, and start with the message filters selection.
    Harry Krause, Aug 28, 2005
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  3. james_bray

    Tom Allen Guest

    The NG filters have most of the "useful" features greyed out, and the
    other ones dont' work like you'd expect. For example, I just set a
    filter for afm and to Delete messages with your name. I went offline,
    shut down TB, and opened it back up. Your message is still visible.
    There is an option to kill an entire thread, but quite often some people
    would like to read most of a thread, but delete the responses from
    particular posters.

    I'm sure that nobody on afm ever gets "plonked", but I've read about it
    happening elsewhere <g>.

    Anyone accustomed to OE has learned that not only is it pretty easy to
    write a filter to hide messages from particular posters (or subject
    lines, etc.), but one can also delete *specific* messages in a thread,
    keeping those that one finds particularly useful. Yes, In TB one could
    drag that message to a seprarate folder, but I think that the OP is
    disappointed that he can't more easily handle News messages the way that
    TB handles Mail.

    Tom Allen, Aug 28, 2005
  4. james_bray

    VO Guest

    Not sure if I get the whole picture.

    When I filter out an individual it does not erase all existing messages
    as in OE.

    For whatever reason, the only way I "save" filtering is to go to "file",
    save as, template.

    I haven't figured out how to make (filter / delete if a word is in the
    VO, Aug 28, 2005
  5. james_bray

    dscotts Guest

    are yours working as usual? if so, tell us the secret!

    I have had similar problems when I moved from 0.7.3 to 1.0.2. all the
    filters stopped working and the delete function was missing, just marked
    read. why would anybody decide to eliminate that function in an upgrade.
    the whole beauty of UseNet based forum discussions are the filters,
    versus the bogged down web based places? I tried many things, like
    remaining the filter file and starting with a fresh set or playing
    around with filters in the test NG's, but nothing worked. I have been
    using Netscape and then T-bird as my only newsreader for like 7-8 years
    so I'm not new to the program and with every upgrade, no problems as I
    have always first uninstalled, then installed as instructed. but moving
    from .7, this problem arose. it is unacceptable as I said, without
    filters, what good is it!

    after much disappointment and facing the possibility of going to OE
    (yuk!) I decided to uninstall it and try .7 again. everything was back
    to normal so there is something up that is not at my end but with the
    program. one reason I was wanted to stay with the latest T-bird was the
    obvious upgrade in spam filters, but I have decided to live with the
    worser of 2 evils and in the interim have found that .7 will sometimes
    leave a bunch of spam messages unfiltered in the in box but if you ask
    it again to run spam filters it gets most of them. so, that's not so bad
    now that I figured that out. still ........ no NG filters????
    dscotts, Aug 29, 2005
  6. james_bray

    Harry Krause Guest

    My NG filters seem to be working fine, as far as they go. I can filter
    on SUBJECT, FROM, or DATE. I filter out the email addresses of usenet
    idiots, and filter them for READ and DELETE, and I never see their posts.

    This is a small move, but it is a move.
    Harry Krause, Aug 30, 2005
  7. james_bray

    Robert Guest

    I have found that the filters created by left mouse clicking the sender
    and creating filter that way doesn't always work, creating from the menu
    is OK.

    How do you apply the filters to messages already downloaded? The e-mail
    filters allow you "run filters on folder" but is grayed out for news.

    Any ideas or extensions?
    Robert, Aug 30, 2005
  8. james_bray

    Harry Krause Guest

    As far as I can tell, in usenet, the filter does not work on messages
    already downloaded. It does keep me from seeing offensive usenet
    messages. That's enough for me.
    Harry Krause, Aug 30, 2005
  9. james_bray

    dscotts Guest

    thanks, I give that a try when I decide to play around again in another
    revision down the road, maybe that will fix it for me. I'm amazed that
    they work with no problem for you and harry. I love the original
    Netscape and remained loyal with Mozilla as I am a little bit of an
    anti-MS guy and would hate to give it up but to be honest, I'm beginning
    to lose patience with all the constant bugs and farting around
    that's occasionally necessary form revision to revision.

    the other problem was it wouldn't run the filters that I already had
    from the previous version like it has from the beginning and in the one
    NG that I am most interested in, I would probably have to start from
    scratch for maybe 20-30 active filters. and before you start to think
    maybe that is the problem, a corrupted .dat file, like I said above, I
    have tried making filters for the alt.test NG's, and renamed the old
    ..dat file to start out that NG with a clean .dat file and they were as
    dysfunctional as well. I actually still have the original Netscape .dat
    filter file from one football NG I'm very active in and its kinda fun to
    stroll down memory lane every once and a while a remember all the
    complete idiots that have come and gone, like 3-400 over the course of 7
    years. gets pretty rowdy in there. but like I said, just work .... its
    gettin' to me!
    dscotts, Aug 30, 2005
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