NEWS RELEASE: Patton to Unveil New VoIP SoHo Solutions at CeBIT 2005

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    Patton to Unveil New VoIP SoHo Solutions at CeBIT 2005

    These two new mid-range VoIP routers deliver converged voice-and-data
    communications to small-office and home-office (SoHo) users in remote

    For Immediate Release

    GAITHERSBURG, Maryland: Patton--a leader in network access and
    connectivity--announced today they will unveil two new members of their
    innovative SmartNode(TM) family of VoIP solutions at CeBIT 2005

    Patton has specially designed the two new mid-range VoIP routers to
    deliver converged voice-and-data communications to small-office and
    home-office (SoHo) users in remote locations. The model SN4020 SoHo
    solution serves users in standard analog-telephony environments while
    the model SN4552 SoHo VoIP solution targets ISDN users.

    Patton will demonstrate their new SmartNode solutions at their CeBIT
    booth located in Hall 13, Stand A58 at the Hanover, Germany show during
    10-16 March 2005.

    SmartLink(TM) 4020 Series Analog SoHo VoIP Router--Available in early
    Q2 2005, Patton's new SmartLink 4020 Series offers SoHo users an
    affordable connection to the cost-saving world of Internet voice. Like
    the business-class members of the SmartNode family, Patton's new SN4020
    VoIP solution for the SoHo market integrates a VoIP gateway with
    full-featured IP-routing capabilities to deliver simplified, converged
    voice-and-data network communications. Available in single (SN4021) or
    dual (SN4022) FXS port configurations, the SmartNode router connects to
    any standard analog phone, fax machine, or PBX.

    SmartNode 4552 ISDN SoHo VoIP Router--Available immediately, Patton's
    new SmartNode 4552 ISDN VoIP Router offers a low-cost CPE solution that
    delivers converged BRI/So and LAN-to-WAN data-access service to SoHo
    users over DSL, fiber, cable, the Internet, or any broadband network.

    Providers--Deployed at the customer premise, the SN4552 will enable
    Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) and Internet Telephony
    Service Providers (ITSPs) to grab their share of the ISDN
    service-delivery market. With the SN4552, providers can roll out BRI/So
    services bundled with data access for LAN users over any broadband
    delivery system (including cable, fiber, and DSL). The SN4552 is
    strategically priced, so VoIP providers can deliver bundled
    voice-and-data services at rates that undercut traditional ISDN service
    by about 30% ($20 versus $30/month for example).

    SoHo and SMEs--For small-to-mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as
    remote and home-office users, the SN4552 delivers high-quality,
    low-cost BRI voice-over-broadband service that is tightly integrated
    with LAN-to-WAN data-access. The SN4552 uses Patton's SmartWare(TM)
    VoIP technology to connect two BRI/So users to a remote PBX over

    The affordable SN4552 integrated access device includes a built-in
    4-port auto-sensing fast-Ethernet switch for convenient data
    connections. The SN4552 also provides a fallback connection to the
    local PSTN for alternate call-routing during IP-network outages, as
    well as a lifeline relay to the PSTN for guaranteed ISDN service in the
    event of a local power failure.

    "ISDN providers have proved their commitment to Patton by deploying
    thousands of SmartNode ports in bundled service offerings during the
    past year," said Ramon Felder, SmartNode Product Manager located in
    Bern, Switzerland. "Patton is pleased to reward that vote of confidence
    by offering a new solution that does even more-at a lower price."

    "SmartNode VoIP solutions are 'more than just talk' because they
    actually work in the real world," said Burton A. Patton, Patton's
    Executive Vice President. "Because Patton's SmartNode technology is
    progressive, proven and mature, service providers around the world are
    choosing SmartNode CPE solutions as they roll out converged voice and
    data services to their subscribers."

    SmartNode stands out from other VoIP solutions because Patton's
    DownStreamQoS(TM) delivers best-possible voice quality while their
    SessionRouter(TM) call-routing software is the industry's most
    flexible, enabling SmartNode to integrate smoothly into virtually any
    telephony system's existing numbering plan.

    Visit Patton at CeBIT 2005 in Hall 13, Stand A58, during 10-16 March
    in Hannover, Germany.

    About Patton

    Patton Electronics Company is a US manufacturer and marketer of data
    communications products, including VoIP/ToIP gateways & routers, Remote
    Access (V.92, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+, and ISDN dial-in), Last Mile/Local
    Loop Access (T1, E1, and xDSL modems, NTUs and CSU/DSUs), Multi-Service
    Access (voice, intranet, extranet, and Frame Relay access), and
    Connectivity (interface converters, short range modems, multiplexers,
    and surge protectors).

    For more information or to request a free datacom catalog, please
    contact .

    Patton Electronics Company
    7622 Rickenbacker Drive
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879 USA
    Tel: +1 301.975.1000
    Fax: +1 301.869.9293

    Chris, Feb 16, 2005
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