NEWS RELEASE: Patton Adds FXO to SmartNode(TM) VoIP Solutions

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    Patton Adds FXO to SmartNode(TM) VoIP Solutions

    New FXO Analog Telephony Interfaces for Patton SmartNodes Enable True
    VoIP-to-PSTN Access While Eliminating Telephone Charges

    For immediate release:
    GAITHERSBURG, Maryland - Patton Electronics--an industry leader in
    access, connectivity and VoIP--announces new additions to their
    SmartNode(TM) family of VoIP Gateways and Routers. The new SmartNode
    models feature FXO and FXS/FXO telephony interface combinations that
    enable direct connection to a PBX or PSTN.

    "Our customers are asking for solutions that integrate seamlessly with
    their existing communications infrastructure to deliver end-to-end
    voice services over an IP network," said Scott Whittle, Director of
    Product Management at Patton." With SmartNode and FXO, network
    administrators can preserve their existing legacy telephone equipment
    and services while leveraging VoIP to lower operating costs and achieve
    voice-data convergence."

    Any enterprise with a legacy analog PBX can connect SmartNode FXO ports
    to their PBX and the local PSTN, thus reaping the benefits of VoIP
    without costly PBX replacement or upgrades. The PBX can then securely
    route calls through the Internet or corporate IP network to any analog
    phone or fax. Routing voice and data through a single network enables
    companies to consolidate communications infrastructures, thereby
    reducing equipment, cabling, and network administration costs.
    Meanwhile, employees working at remote IP endpoints (for instance,
    those teleworking from home) can take advantage of all the PBX features
    (voice-mail, 3-digit dialing, conference calls, etc.) provided at the
    corporate headquarters.

    FXO, FXS, and FXS/FXO interface combinations are now available on a
    wide range of models within the SmartNode 4520 Series. All SmartNode
    ToIP Gateway Routers support SIP and H.323 VoIP signaling, T.38
    Fax-over-IP, a full set of codecs, IP routing with NAT, Firewall, PPP,
    PPPoE, VLAN, Frame-Relay, DHCP and DynDNS, plus a full suite of
    upstream and downstream QoS (Quality of Service) features to prioritize
    traffic for enhanced voice quality. Available software options offer
    IPSec DES/3DES/AES) VPN and Q.SIG support.

    About the SmartNode Family of VoIP Gateway Routers

    The SmartNode family of VoIP gateways and routers offer compact-desktop
    and modular-chassis solutions for provider and enterprise voice and
    data applications. The SmartNode 1000 and 4520 series SOHO and branch
    office IADs support one or two ISDN BRI So ports or 2-8 analog ports as
    well as a full-featured QoS VPN Router. The modular 19" SmartNode 2300
    series are designed for medium and large enterprise applications
    featuring on-board LAN and WAN interfaces and a range of PMC based
    voice interface cards/expansion modules. Interface cards provide
    flexible port configurations for ISDN, T1, E1, PRI, BRI and FXS. The
    SmartNode 2400 series supports up to 96/120 Voice-over-IP connections
    in a single 1U 19" chassis.

    About Patton

    Patton Electronics Company is a US manufacturer and marketer of data
    communications products, including VoIP/ToIP gateways & routers, Remote
    Access (V.92, V.90, K56Flex, V.34+, and ISDN dial-in), Last Mile/Local
    Loop Access (T1, E1, and xDSL modems, NTUs and CSU/DSUs), Multi-Service
    Access (voice, intranet, extranet, and Frame Relay access), and
    Connectivity (interface converters, short range modems, multiplexers,
    and surge protectors).

    Patton Electronics Company
    7622 Rickenbacker Drive
    Gaithersburg, MD 20879 USA
    Tel: (301) 975-1000
    Fax: (301) 869-9293

    Chris, Oct 1, 2004
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