News: MCDST Hits Milestone &i find MCDST is Launch at February 2004^^

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    MCDST Hits Milestone

    8/10/2005 -- Microsoft has has issued more than 8,000 Microsoft Certified
    Desktop Technician titles as of June this year -- a significant trend upward
    in the number of desktop technician titles, according to Al Valvano, lead
    product manager with Microsoft Learning.

    "[MCDST] is the fastest growing credential we have right now," said Valvano.
    Microsoft first introduced the certification back in February 2004.

    Valvano said the credential has been producing some "crazy, crazy numbers,"
    but attributes growth to what's typical for any program in its early stages
    as IT hirers begin to catch on. "In some ways, it's protypical of a
    credential, like Visual Studio or SQL Server," he says, "It's a natural
    alignment of a credential to a job role: It's very clearly defined, the exam
    path is short, and the objective domain that it's testing on is extremely
    focused and narrow."

    As of late June, when Valvano was interviewed at Tech Ed, the program had
    topped 8,154. That number is more current than what appears on the "Numbers
    of Microsoft Certified Professionals Worldwide" page on Microsoft's MCP
    site, which shows data as of June 14, 2005.

    To see the chart of certifications issued per title, go to

    Side note: Valvano says that the Microsoft Learning group also experienced
    its biggest month ever for issuing tests, in May. He believes one
    contributing factor is "the conclusion of the second-shot promotions at the
    end of May." Valvano says that the group decided to extend the second-shot
    offer to August 31, based on popularity of that program. For more on the MCP
    exam retake, go to
    ttp:// -Michael Domingo,
    courtesy of
    =-Zero, Aug 23, 2005
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