is a good, free news server

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by steve, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. steve

    steve Guest

    OK....I asked for access to this free news server. It took them a week to
    respond, but it was worth waiting for. is fast, all the posts appear to be there and they carry
    all of the newsgroups I follow...and my posts appear almost instantly on
    other NZ news servers - judging by the rapid responses.

    I do not know if they carry binary newsgroups. I have not looked.
    steve, Jul 23, 2004
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  2. steve

    Collector Guest

    steve said the following on 23/07/2004 14:01:
    Be Quiet boy, we dont want everyone knowing about it, then it will slow down
    Collector, Jul 23, 2004
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  3. steve

    steve Guest

    LOL! :)
    steve, Jul 23, 2004
  4. Yes, it is an amazingly good service for a free server. Posts show up
    instantly on Easynews too. And no, they do not carry any binary
    Stephen Worthington, Jul 23, 2004
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