{NEWS} 02 to enter fixed broadband arena in Spring 2007

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Jon Goode, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Jon Goode

    Jon Goode Guest

    The mobile operator 02 has indicated that it will launch a broadband service
    over landlines in the Spring of 2007, more detail over at FT.com.

    O2 is owned by the Telefonica who purchased the ADSL2+ unbundled service
    provide Be in June 2006. Be currently has around 236 exchanges enabled,
    which according to the statistics on SamKnows.com/broadband means the
    service is available to around 4,500,000 premises. Of these an estimated
    2,700,000 are within 2km of the exchange which with an ADSL2+ service
    suggests a line speed of 15Mbps or possibly higher.

    Jon Goode, Oct 20, 2006
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  2. Jon Goode

    NoNeedToKnow Guest

    236 of about 5591 (totals off the regional breakdown from same
    website) doesn't seem like that many, and whatever the wonderful
    service might be for those within range, the fact is the majority
    of the UK's populace has no chance of getting service from them!

    (I don't know if there's an easy way to check how many premises are
    given in total for the UK, nor what proportion are within 2 km, but
    I didn't spend all that long looking around the SamKnows site - it
    does have useful info, but my response is more of a query over how
    informative stats are if UK-wide totals couldn't be quickly found.)
    NoNeedToKnow, Oct 20, 2006
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  3. Jon Goode

    jim Guest

    They've also admitted that they are only looking to sign up their
    highest spending customers so if you don't have a high volume business
    account with them then you're stuffed

    jim, Oct 20, 2006
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