(Newbie:) ADSL OK; XP laptop OK; Win98SE sees LAN, but not Internet

Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Angus Rodgers, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. One final (I hope!) newbie question:

    Today, I started trying to set up my new LAN and ADSL connection,
    using a Netgear router*. Mostly, it's going OK. To my surprise,
    my daughter's WinXP laptop is fully visible on the LAN, for the
    first time (unlike the times I tried to connect it to my Win98SE
    desktop using a crossover cable). Both my Win98SE machines also
    continue to be visible on the LAN (just as they were when I was
    using the crossover cable). Almost miraculously (I was expecting
    it all to go horribly wrong!), the ADSL connection seems OK: the
    router says, "DownStream Connection Speed 2272 kbps, UpStream
    Connection Speed 288 kbps", which looks vaguely sensible. It was
    also able to autodetect the right "VPI, VCI, PPPoA" stuff (none
    of which makes any sense to me, but I knew what values to expect).

    Even more marvellously, the laptop was able to access the Internet
    as soon as I switched it on, even though I'd only taken a guess at
    how to set up "Network Properties", or whatever it is (and I had
    even specified DNS server addresses different from the ones that
    the router says it is using!). And all this is in spite of the
    fact that I am using a long ADSL modem cable (albeit an expensive
    one, by Belkin), which I ran along the floor right beside a long
    Ethernet cable to the laptop, both kinked and squashed between a
    door and its frame! Another sin, apparently, is that I have two
    telephones both connected via a splitter to a single microfilter:
    a Pluscom SAMF-2000, which I got cheap from eBay. I've been doing
    the whole thing on the cheap. The total cost of the equipment,
    including four good Belkin Cat5e cables and a right-angled phone
    splitter (socket doubler), was a little over £33, including P&P.

    The only problem is, my main Win98SE machine still can't see the
    Internet, unless I dial up in the old-fashioned way. With the XP
    laptop, I didn't have to do anything to tell it not to use its
    dial-up modem any more, and the dial-up connections still exist,
    and can presumably still be used (although I haven't checked).

    Is Win98SE different in this respect? Or is there some other
    dumbly obvious thing I haven't done, or might have done wrong?

    As already implied, I have no trouble accessing the router at
    IP address over the Ethernet cable attached to my
    main Win98SE machine - from which I am posting this message,
    using a dial-up connection.

    I have set IP addresses manually: including (this
    machine), (the other Win98SE desktop),
    (the WinXP laptop). I've always done this, and don't want to
    change it, especially as the laptop is having no problems; but
    there was some conflicting advice last time about DHCP, and I
    may well have messed things up, by trying to configure things
    manually without actually understanding what I'm doing, so I'll
    listen if I'm told there's a better way to do this!

    *As I mentioned in my last post in the thread "Need to adapt old
    system (and brain) to broadband" (on Thu 15 Nov) the router is an
    Ethernet modem/router, DG834 v2: it's secondhand, but seems to be
    working perfectly.
    Angus Rodgers, Dec 11, 2007
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  2. Angus Rodgers

    Rob Morley Guest

    Did you also set the default gateway?
    Rob Morley, Dec 12, 2007
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  3. Just testing, to try to work out why on Earth I haven't been able
    to post a followup in this thread! Sorry about the incompetence.
    Angus Rodgers, Dec 12, 2007
  4. Something downright crazy is happening here (nothing to do with
    the network/broadband problem I was posting about in the first

    Let's see if I can at least post /something/ as a followup in
    this thread, even if for some bizarre reason I can't post the
    actual message I wanted to!

    I'm not really the complete idiot that I must now seem to be ...
    Angus Rodgers, Dec 12, 2007
  5. [Just testing to see if /this/ is the part of the message that
    won't post! Sorry about all the nonsense.]
    Angus Rodgers, Dec 12, 2007
  6. Angus Rodgers

    Mortimer Guest

    Have you tried temporarily changing the Win98 PC to use DHCP so it gets all
    the correct details from the router? If this works and the static setting
    doesn't, then that might help diagnose the problem.

    I realise that you've probably got very good reasons for wanting to give the
    PCs static addresses, either by configuring a static IP at each PC or else
    by using DHCP but reserving a fixed address for each PC (identified by MAC)
    at the router if the router has this capability. I'd tend to go for the
    latter because it allows PCs to be connected to other networks if that's
    ever required, without the need to reconfigure TCP.

    With the current setup, what happens if you do the folloeing at the Win98

    - Start | Run | command
    - in the black window with white writing, type "ping news.bbc.co.uk"

    You should get "Reply from" but you might get "could not find
    host". Also try "ping".
    Mortimer, Dec 12, 2007
  7. On Wed, 12 Dec 2007 11:33:24 -0000, "Mortimer"

    I'm going stark, staring mad.

    I just composed a long reply, explaining in detail all the
    weird things that had been happening, and explaining that the
    original problem with IP addresses was no longer a problem.

    But that message would not post, either! So I'll try this
    short one instead.

    If and when this Twilight Zone madness gets sorted out, I'll
    explain about the IP thing, and carry on asking questions.
    Angus Rodgers, Dec 12, 2007
  8. Angus Rodgers

    Mortimer Guest

    Weird. Do you get any error message when you try to post your longer
    messages? I see from the headers you're using Forte Agent to post to
    newsgroups - I'm not familar with that program but I'd have thought that the
    posting would remain in the outbox until posted and that you'd get some sort
    of error message if it did fail to send.

    Good luck!
    Mortimer, Dec 12, 2007
  9. "Connection closed unexpectedly by server."
    Yes, as above - over, and over, and over again! #-O
    Angus Rodgers, Dec 12, 2007
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