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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Tester, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. Tester

    Tester Guest

    I'm not sure it's all that much better than reading it on the web but:

    Requires XP/SP2 or Vista, 1 gHz processor, 384M or even better 512 MM
    memory, Net Framework 3 (already included in Vista, will automatically
    download if required)

    Current version is beta

    Requires a free web name/password (cypherpunk/password cypherpunk is
    the best known one if you don't want to register)

    http://firstlook.nytimes.com/?category_name=times reader

    Tester, Feb 23, 2007
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  2. Tester

    Mike Easter Guest

    I read the NYT online regularly.
    That leaves /me/ out -- I guess I'll just keep reading it the old
    fashioned way.
    There's the problem.

    "Times Reader uses the new Windows Presentation Foundation technology."

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Application_Markup_Language -
    Controversy - its use will make it difficult for users of other
    operating systems and browsers to access websites written in XAML. -
    In January 2007, European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS)
    chair Simon Awde accused Microsoft of hijacking the web by using
    platform dependent XAML
    Mike Easter, Feb 23, 2007
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