New Windows platform and 64 bit platform

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Guest, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I hear a rumour that new forth comming platmorms will only be for the 64 bit

    Can anyone substantiate this or clarify???
    Guest, Nov 29, 2005
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  2. Guest

    Patrick Guest

    You hear good.
    At some point in time 32 bit machines will not longer be...
    The same for 32 bit software.

    I would like to buy a machine with an 8 bit
    processor and some 8 bit software to go with it.
    Please point me in the right direction.
    All things come to pass.
    Patrick, Nov 29, 2005
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  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Many Thanks


    Guest, Nov 29, 2005
  4. Right now its only server focused, forth coming applications such as the
    next version of Exchange Server "12", Centro Mid Market Server, Longhorn
    Small Business Server and Longhorn Server R2 will be exclusively 64 bit.
    Microsoft betting this on the pervasiveness of 64 bit hardware next year
    Extended64 |
    Blog |
    FAQ for MS AntiSpy
    Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Nov 29, 2005
  5. Bill Gates announced at a major IT conference in Spain earlier this month
    that some future versions of Windows server products would only be available
    on 64-bit platforms. Specifically:

    Windows Server Longhorn R2 (But _not_ the initial Longhorn Server release)
    Exchange 12
    Windows Small Business Server Longhorn (_initial_ LH release)

    Notice that this does not say anything about client releases. The earliest
    release on this list is probably Exchange 12, and that won't be out until
    2007 at the earliest from what I've heard.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Nov 29, 2005
  6. Guest

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    eBay is the place, just bought a BBC Micro, brilliant :)))

    Add 'GoMMC' and you have space for every program ever written for it.
    Jeff Gaines, Nov 29, 2005
  7. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Nov 29, 2005
  8. Guest

    Jud Hendrix Guest

    Ah yes, still have mine somwhere on the attic. Too bad
    the Amiga beat it when it came down to graphics.
    Anybody know of a 64-bit BBC B-emulator :)

    Jud Hendrix, Nov 29, 2005
  9. A BBC Micro emulator is a lot cheaper and takes up less space :)
    Chris P. [MVP], Nov 29, 2005
  10. Guest

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    Philistine :)))

    Mind you I do run BeebEm as well!
    Jeff Gaines, Nov 29, 2005
  11. On the server side, Windows Server codenamed Longhorn may be the last
    available for 32-bits. Vista will be available for 32-bits but no
    announcement has been made concerning client operating systems after Vista.
    Colin Barnhorst, Nov 29, 2005
  12. Yup. And SBS -- now absolutely NOT supported on x64, will now be ONLY
    supported on x64. And that with the initial LH release.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Nov 29, 2005
  13. Andre Da Costa [Extended64], Nov 30, 2005
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