New website with 1000+ photos & videos of wild trout & insects they eat

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Jason Neuswanger, Feb 29, 2004.


    I just finished this site a few days ago as an original resource for
    fly fishermen to learn about stream science so they can tie better
    imitations and just generally understand the trout better. My photos
    are all from northwest Wisconsin, in tributaries to both Lake Superior
    and the Mississippi system, though many should be interesting and
    applicable elsewhere.

    The site includes over 1,000 large close-up photos of live stream
    insects, mostly mayfly nymphs but a bit of everything. It's also got
    a unique application to let you compare any image on my site
    side-by-side with any other at various levels of rotation, brightness,
    or zooming.

    That's all in the "naturals gallery" section here:

    I've also got 50+ underwater photographs from trout streams, including
    some awesome photos of a dense school of wild brookies in a northern
    Wisconsin river in February and a huge school of minnows in the same
    river. I've also got some neat underwater photos of caddis larvae in
    their natural habitat.

    That's all in the "underwater photos" section here:

    And I've got movies of ten different nymphs moving around showing
    their various swimming motions:

    Hope you all like it!

    Jason Neuswanger, Trout Nut
    Jason Neuswanger, Feb 29, 2004
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