New, Used and Refurbished Networking & Telecom Equipment - With Warrantees

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Martin Snell, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Martin Snell

    Martin Snell Guest

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Martin Snell and I work for Wanforce Technologies. I didn't know
    if I could be of assistance to any of you in the future and provide you a
    quote for your next networking or telecom purchase but if you send me model
    numbers and quantities, I can get you a quote ASAP!

    I've included a sample blurb below, but basically we provide new, used and
    refurbished networking and telecoms equipment (with warrantees as well as
    maintenance and support if needed from certified engineers) at great prices!
    I'm sure most of you are already invovled with other vendors but we have
    great deals and theres nothing wrong with making sure you are getting the
    best price and making your budget stretch so you can get even more kit! If
    I'm not mistaken buying used or refurbished products won't interfere with
    any existing long term contracts you have with your current vendors as well!

    Thanks for listening, and no worries, this isn't spam and I'm not going to
    innundate you all with emails etc. (unless I see something where I can
    specifically help). I just wanted to post my details every now and then to
    the groups and introduce myself and see if I could be of assistance to
    Kind regards,

    Martin Snell

    Wanforce Technologies, Inc.

    Wanforce Technologies is the largest reseller of Networking and Telecom
    equipment in the US. We have offices worldwide and are committed to
    providing high quality equipment with significant discounts (30-90% off list
    price!) on CISCO, LUCENT, NORTEL, JUNIPER, FOUNDRY and many other
    manufacturers of networking and telecom equipment. Wanforce offers a 90 day
    warranty on all equipment sold, the same as most manufacturers give for new!
    If you have Smartnet coming up we will sell it to you at 15% OFF LIST PRICE.
    We are also giving away FREE hardware with any purchase of Savvis, MCI, New
    Edge Networks or QWEST products bought through our company.

    New NM-2FE2W......$800 List $3200
    New NM-2W...........$600 List $1500
    New WIC-1DSU-T1..$395 List $1000

    New WS-G5483.......$300 List $395

    New WS-G5484.......$200 List $500

    CISCO3620.............$900 List $2900
    Martin Snell, Dec 5, 2003
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