New Updates for Spyware Blaster Available

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Julie P., Jun 25, 2004.

  1. You did that all by yourself. I just provided the environment.
    John Blockhead, the itinerant dealer in small good, Jun 26, 2004
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  2. Julie P.

    Nemesis Guest

    Nemesis, Jun 26, 2004
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  3. Julie P.

    reini Guest

    Here's a free clue for you... if you plonk all 30,000 or so of those
    For those who haven't noticed yet: You can killfile that URI in his
    "Organization" header!


    --Reinhold Rumberger
    reini, Jul 5, 2004
  4. Just Highlight your own post and killfile it like the rest of us.

    Mr. Trevor Fourie.
    WesBank Limited.
    7 Girton Road, ParksTown, Johannesburg,
    2193, South Africa,
    Republic of South Africa.
    Mr. Trevor Fourie, Jul 5, 2004
  5. Julie P.

    Rodd Teotos Guest

    What's a URI? How do I block it??????????
    Rodd Teotos, Jul 6, 2004
  6. Julie P.

    relic Guest

    Highlight any message from "reini <>" and select "Block
    relic, Jul 6, 2004
  7. Julie P.

    John Guest

    Rodd Teotos, after spending 3 minutes figuring out which end of the pen to use,
    It's called a 'Unknown Rectalating Intensificator'. Set your system to use the
    charset iso-2022-jp to be able to see it in the headers.
    John, Jul 6, 2004
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