New Unlocked Linksys PAP2 device on Ebay. Good/bad?

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by Carl Waring, Nov 27, 2008.

  1. Carl Waring

    Carl Waring Guest

    Carl Waring, Nov 27, 2008
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  2. Carl Waring

    dippydoc Guest

    Actually, they're not made anywhere, anymore. They've been replaced by the

    I did buy a PAP2 from HK a year ago, although not from these guys. It
    worked straight out of the box and is still going strong - but be advised -
    you'll need to configure it yourself, and you probably won't have any
    instructions provided. You'll also need a UK - US phone adaptor with ring
    capacitor for each phone that you plug in to the back of the box. (second item down).

    So, cheap - yes. Cheerful - depends whether you're a geek or a consumer!
    dippydoc, Nov 27, 2008
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  3. Carl Waring

    Ivor Jones Guest

    In Jono <> typed, for some strange, unexplained
    : dippydoc pretended :
    : >

    : > You'll also need a UK - US phone adaptor with ring capacitor for
    : > each phone that you plug in to the back of the box.
    : Or buy better phones. Every one I have is simply connected using RJ11
    : to RJ11 cables. No ring cap at all.

    There are phones that need it, though. I have a couple, both BT badged ;-)

    (Converse 1200 and 2025 if anyone cares..!)

    Ivor Jones, Nov 27, 2008
  4. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    Surprised they go for so much. I have a (hardly used) PAP2T that I think
    I will put on ebay myself (along with a couple of RJP/BTS - with ring
    capacitor (RJ11)).
    Also have a (even less used) SPA2102.
    Should make me a few pennies for crimbo.
    PAJ, Nov 27, 2008
  5. Carl Waring

    Carl Waring Guest

    Perhaps you'll give me a nod when you do please ;-)
    Carl Waring, Nov 28, 2008
  6. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    As you have asked:
    The PAP2T-UK and the SPA2102 have now been put on eBay.
    Both have starting price of 4.99 and 3.99 delivery.
    I do not want to put a link up advertising them but search eBay using
    the above product names and you will find them.
    PAJ, Nov 30, 2008
  7. Carl Waring

    Iain Guest

    PAJ wrote:

    The starting price on ebay is completely meaningless. What matters is
    the final price or the buy it now price.

    Beware of unlocked PAP2 devices. Thet can relock themselves. A
    never-locked one is a far better bet.
    Iain, Dec 1, 2008
  8. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    No, the starting price here means it will not sell for less than 4.99.
    Thanks for the warning (although I and I suspect all that post here
    already knew that). Not relevant here because my one is unlocked and has
    always been that way (as it says in the description).
    PAJ, Dec 1, 2008
  9. Carl Waring

    Iain Guest

    It doesn't even mean that.
    You would be surprised!
    Unlocked is a word with a specific meaning. It means that it was locked
    and is not any longer. If it was never locked, it has not been unlocked.

    This may sound like pedantry, but it is an important distinction.
    Iain, Dec 9, 2008
  10. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    Go on then, please tell how you come to this conclusion.
    Well it is a term that most others understand and is used frequently. It
    is also often used in mobile phones to substitute 'sim-free'.

    Common usage defiles the meaning of a word, not some pedant on a
    newsgroup ;)

    My garden shed door is unlocked and you now what, it has never been
    locked. So yes, it is 'never-locked' but it would be a bit if a twat
    that used that term.
    PAJ, Dec 9, 2008
  11. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    hehe, I meant defines but you know, I like defiles better.
    PAJ, Dec 9, 2008
  12. Carl Waring

    Graham. Guest

    I'm with Iain on this one, especially in regard to the PAP2.

    I was uncertain for some time whether or not all PAP2s were originally
    provisioned to one provider or another, and all the so-called
    "unlocked" ones were by definition second-hand ones that had
    been hacked.

    So it is not unreasonable to make the distinction between "unlocked"
    and "never been locked"
    Graham., Dec 9, 2008
  13. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    Ah well. That's what debate is all about. Your still wrong :eek:P
    Either way, it sold for as much as I expected :)
    PAJ, Dec 9, 2008
  14. Carl Waring

    Carl Waring Guest

    As a 'newbie' to this group, I'd have to say that I also agree with that
    Carl Waring, Dec 10, 2008
  15. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    Hey, there is no shame in being wrong.
    PAJ, Dec 10, 2008
  16. Carl Waring

    Carl Waring Guest

    Indeed. I hope you have now accepted the fact that you are ;-)
    Carl Waring, Dec 11, 2008
  17. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    It is a PAP2T device and it is unlocked because it is not locked. It has
    never been locked. Now I understand that some people here like to waste
    words by saying it is 'never previously unlocked' but I don't.
    It is unlocked. That is all.
    PAJ, Dec 11, 2008
  18. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    PAJ, Dec 11, 2008
  19. Carl Waring

    PAJ Guest

    So. That is not what we were discussing. We were discussing the
    terminology. Unlocked means it is not locked. So if talking about a PAP2
    it is still "unlocked"and you can add to that "and it never has been".
    Others disagree and think (wrongly) that the term "unlocked" has to mean
    it was locked before. That may have been how the term started but it is
    now taken to mean it is an unlocked and never locked device.
    PAJ, Dec 11, 2008
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