New tab, shortcut fonts too small

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by John Doe, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    If anybody knows, you guys probably do.

    In the most recent version of Firefox, when you open a new tab, it
    has nine boxes that show (recent?) pages.

    The font is too small. Do you know how to enlarge that font? I
    suppose setting the minimum font size might help, but is there some
    other way?

    John Doe, Sep 8, 2012
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  2. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Well, I just checked, just increasing the font size of the New Tab
    page seems to work perfectly.

    Never mind.
    Thanks to any answers that might be in the queue.
    But that's a preliminary finding, so maybe I'm wrong.
    John Doe, Sep 8, 2012
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  3. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    Apparently the setting is stored somewhere in the program files
    Mozilla folder, not in the application data folder.
    John Doe, Oct 14, 2012
  4. John Doe

    John Doe Guest

    When updating from Mozilla 15 to Mozilla 16.0.1, it breaks the
    thing. The fonts become tiny again. Simply increasing the font
    size doesn't cause the next new tab to have the same readable size
    John Doe, Oct 23, 2012
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