New SIP/RTP VOIP Server software now available - Solves all NAT Traversal Problems.

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    For: SIP/RTP/VOIP related developers and deployers.

    LanScape ( has recently released the latest
    version of the LanScape Centrex Proxy Server (SIP Proxy) and the VOIP
    Media Proxy (RTP Proxy) server.

    If you have to deploy your own VOIP domain, using our server software
    will make your task an easy one. By using our scalable SIP and RTP
    media proxy servers, you will be able to overcome all NAT related
    issues for your VOIP domain in addition to having future scalability as
    your VOIP network grows. No longer do you need expensive session border
    controllers to deploy a properly working SIP/RTP VOIP network. You can
    achieve all of this functionality using any version of Microsoft

    The VOIP servers come in three product grades: Personal, Professional
    and Enterprise. We also offer trial versions of the server software so
    you are able to perform a proper evaluation before you make a purchase.
    For trial software availability, please see our "Voip Test Drive"
    web page located at: Files/VoipTestDrive.asp

    Here is a brief feature list for the LanScape Centrex Proxy Server (SIP

    Designed for the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems -
    Versions 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

    Available in three product configurations: Personal, Professional and

    Realtime event logging to a log file and to the GUI.

    Full control over the network configuration (IP address and SIP port,
    domain name, Max SIP message length, Router/Gateway IP address, etc).

    Denial of Service (DOS) attack protection built in.

    Configurable call processing timouts.

    Fully integrated registrar capability. Use the internal proprietary
    registrar database support for simplicity and ease of use.
    Alternatively, use an external registrar database (Microsoft Access,
    SQL, MySql, etc). If an external registrar database is used, multiple
    proxies can share the database for large VOIP deployments. Registrar
    presence events using SUBCRIBE/NOTIFY are supported.

    Configure static registrar entries. Acts as an "always available" local

    Perform complex sequential call routing tasks. Route calls to any
    location anywhere and in any order. Call routing supports regular
    expression syntax if desired. Route calls to other SIP endpoints
    without having the endpoints register. Perfect for routing calls to
    PSTN gateways, Asterisk PBX or any other VOIP element.

    Supports Global iNet® user accounts. LanScape's Global iNet® user
    accounts will allow you to publish your VOIP call endpoints to our
    global VOIP directory service. Anyone in the world can search the
    Global iNet® system for your business or personal contact information
    and call you via your VOIP domain.

    Deploy with one or more LanScape VOIP Media Proxy™ servers to obtain
    a complete session and media handling solution not previously
    available. Media proxying is very important in overcoming peer to peer
    media issues introduced by NAT network elements. When using media
    proxying, call media is load shared with all available media proxies.
    Highly recommended. LanScape media proxy solutions also solve the
    dreaded "media deadlock" problems other products face.

    Fully automatic and configurable WAN IP address monitoring and
    detection when deploying the Centrex Proxy Server™ inside of your
    private network. Includes support to allow you to publish the WAN IP
    address, private IP address, proxy server SIP port and domain name to
    any web server using HTTP POST. A perfect solution for those who use
    dynamic DHCP services to access their VOIP domains.

    Supports a custom plug-in DLL. With this "user developed" custom
    plug-in DLL and API, you have the ability to alter all received and
    transmitted SIP protocol data. The custom plug-in DLL API will also
    allow you to be notified of special call related events (call start,
    call terminate, etc). There are many uses for this capability such as:
    SIP message filtering, SIP message logging, getting badly behaving SIP
    devices to interoperate properly. The list is endless. A complete
    example custom plug-in DLL with full C++ source code is included.
    Requires Microsoft Visual C++ 6.x or higher. The example plug-in that
    ships with the server allows you to echo all SIP traffic to an external
    SIP message log server (also included).

    Full event logging: Enable/disable logging error tone for errors. Log
    proxy errors, warnings, informational messages, registration activity,
    and all call related events. Events can be logged to the server's GUI
    and to a log file.
    Log all SIP message activity to a log file.

    Full challenge handshake authentication using the MD5 algorithm.
    Extremely secure since no password information is ever sent over the
    network. Configure the authentication domain and nonce expire time.
    Define a single user name and password for your VOIP domain or multiple
    user names and passwords for each user. Enable/disable authentication
    as it applies to the following SIP message types: REGISTER, INVITE,

    Here is a brief feature list for the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy (RTP

    Designed for the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems -
    Versions 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003

    Available in three product configurations: Personal, Professional and

    Can handle any RTP media type.

    Realtime event logging to a log file and to the GUI.

    Full control over media session time outs, media session evaluation
    interval, orphaned media sessions and SIP proxy command time outs.

    Full control over the network configuration (IP address and Media ports
    Configurable to communicate with one or more SIP proxies (LanScape
    Centrex Proxy™ Severs)

    Full call and media event logging. Logging to the GUI and to a log file

    Can handle thousands of active media sessions per host machine. Actual
    maximum number of active media streams is only limited by license
    restrictions and underlying host hardware.

    Full challenge handshake authentication using the MD5 algorithm. All
    communications between the LanScape VOIP Media™ Proxy and LanScape
    Centrex Proxy™ Severs are authenticated. Helpful to ensure no
    malicious hacker attacks.

    Specifically designed to overcome the well known "media deadlock"
    problem other media proxy solutions face. With the LanScape VOIP
    Media™ Proxy, your call media will flow uninterrupted within your
    domain and when traversing the domain boundary.

    A simple intuitive easy to use interface.

    It will not matter if you are a seasoned VOIP/SIP/RTP deployment
    specialist or a rookie. The VOIP server software we offer really
    simplifies the tasks associated with managing and deploying your own
    personal, professional or enterprise VOIP network..
    To check out what our other LanScape VOIP products can do for your
    application development, please go to our web site at:

    Thanks again and happy VOIP-ing,

    LanScape Sales Staff

    sales, Jan 3, 2006
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