New Security Firm Takes on Cyber Crime

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by ]|3inary |[-]|avoc, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. New cyber security firm in Cincinnati Ohio looks to take on the world
    of cyber crime. They offer an interesting menu of solutions and boast
    as being a "leader" in a new age of cyber threats. Datahack
    Technologies states that they are the worlds answer to rising online
    threats. My question is..... is this another security firm in the
    ocean of consultants, or is this the much needed hero of the day?? By
    the looks of it I would say its the latter... I am interested in
    finding out...
    ]|3inary |[-]|avoc, Nov 23, 2007
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  2. ]|3inary |[-]|avoc

    kd Guest

    Are you a shill for them? Or are you (singular) them? It just seems
    odd someone would:
    o come out of the woodwork with essentially no usenet posting
    history and
    o post what looks like a press release in the form of a
    question, and
    o do so from an InsightBB owned IP in Covington, KY (i.e. just
    across the river from Cincinnati), and
    o from a gmail address that has only 1 other posting in
    recorded usenet history, which was posted from... hey look
    at that,!

    Now, shill, spammer, self promotion, and
    ethics-of-shilling-own-business-pretending-to-be-someone-else issues

    I for one wouldn't be eager to trust a firm to do ethical hacking on
    my business that has a domain registered behind domainsbyproxy and
    doesn't have a physical address or any human names or even a phone
    number listed in their website contact information. When someone
    orders up ethical hacking on their business, unless they're a complete
    idiot, they should be seeking a high degree of comfort with the ethics
    of the hacker involved. So if you're new to this business (and
    welcome to the fray) you might wanna think about this smokescreen from
    a marketing perspective. When "Who We Are" on your web page really
    says nothing but weasel words that trigger buzzword bingo, it may send
    folks looking in the other direction.

    Your menu of solutions is no different than that of more trustworthy
    types such as ISS, Verisign, Symantec, and a bevy of other smaller
    fish who have a more recognizeable blip on the infosec radar, and
    who aren't so evasive about their identity. And who aren't engaging
    in ethically questionable promotion strategies such as shilling
    themselves on usenet newsgroups pretending to be some person randomly
    interested in a security company no one has heard of.

    kd, Nov 23, 2007
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  3. ]|3inary |[-]|avoc

    Unruh Guest

    No idea. Not enough info on the web page to differentiate. anyone can boast
    of being a leader. I doubt very much if it is "hero of the day". You have
    to do more research. I am made a bit wary of their statement that they do
    whitehat attacks on your system. That is not needed to determine the
    security of your system, since they presumably would have inside access.
    Ie, you do not have to run a bulldozer at a door to see if it is locked if
    you are inside and can see the lock.
    It can be a tool, but only a crude one.
    Unruh, Nov 25, 2007
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