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    Buena Vista has announced the DVD release of its two most popular current
    television series. On September 6th they will release Lost: Season One
    followed on September 20th with Desperate Housewives: Season One. Both will
    list for $59.98. Details to follow as they become known.

    It looks like more studios are releasing the new UMDs, Universal Media
    Columbia/Tri-Star - May 17th - $19.95
    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
    Spider-Man 2

    Warner Brothers - April 26th:
    Chasing Liberty
    Clifford's Really Big Movie
    Codename - Kids Next Door - File 1 Vol. 1
    Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Gilligan's Island - Two On A Raft / Home Sweet Hu
    Gilmore Girls (Pilot)
    Harry Potter & The Sorcerers Stone
    Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets
    Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban
    House Arrest
    Incredible Mr. Limpet
    OC (Pilot)
    Olsen Twins - You're Invited - Greatest Parties
    Olsen Twins - You're Invited - Vacation Parties
    One Tree Hill (Pilot)
    Pokemon: The First Movie
    Scooby: Creepiest Capers
    Secondhand Lions
    Smallville (Pilot)
    Starsky and Hutch
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Wedding Singer
    What a Girl Wants
    Yu-Gi-Oh The Movie
    Zeus and Roxanne
    Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery
    Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

    Announced by Fox for release on June 7th:
    Listing for $9.99:
    Duchess & The Dirtwater Fox
    Julia (1977)
    Listing for $14.98
    Man Who Never Was

    Columbia/TriStar will release an extended version of The Grudge on May 3rd
    listing for $28.98.

    Koch has something for mystery fans into P.D. James:
    P.D. James: Black Tower
    P.D. James: Cover Her Face
    P.D. James: Death Of An Expert Witness
    P.D. James: Mind To Murder
    P.D. James: Original Sin
    P.D. James: Shroud For A Nightingale
    P.D. James: Taste For Death
    P.D. James: Unnatural Causes
    There is also a box set:
    P.D. James: Essential Collection listing for $149.95. All are set for
    release on June 7th.

    Koch also has something for the younger set also ready for release on June
    Tall Tales & Legends: Casey At The Bat
    Tall Tales & Legends: Davy Crockett
    Tall Tales & Legends: Pecos Bill
    each will list for $!4.95.

    Universal continues their television season series with some upcoming
    May 24th:
    Airwolf: Season #1
    Baa Baa Black Sheep: Season 1
    June 7th:
    Dragnet '67: Season 1
    Quincy, M.E.: Seasons 1 & 2
    Northern Exposure: The Complete 3rd Season
    Each set will retail for $39.98.

    Warner Brothers will release their latest family talking animal comedy,
    Racing Stripes, on May 10th. There will be separate P&S and widescreen
    variations both with Dolby 5.1 audio and listing for $19.95. the announced
    extras include:
    Additional Scenes
    Alternate endings
    Director's Audio Commentary
    Challenges - Buzz & Scuzz's Flyin' Fiasco
    Interactive Comic Book
    Documentaries - How to Make Animals Talk
    Animal Acting 101
    The Music of Racing Stripes
    Easter Eggs - Curb Your Distribution
    Featurette - The Music of Racing Stripes with Sting and Bryan Adams.

    Columbia/Tri-Star has a couple of films for use by the new PSP devices. On
    May 17th they will release:
    Cowboy Bebop: The Movie (Universal Media Disc)
    Spider-Man 2 (Universal Media Disc)
    Each will retail for $19.95.

    If you are interested in learning to play guitar like the pros Ardusty has a
    few titles to help:
    Monster Guitar Method: Volume 1 - Beginner/Novice
    Monster Guitar Method: Volume 2 - Beginner/Novice
    Monster Guitar Method: Volume 3 - Novice/Intermediate
    Monster Guitar Method: Volume 4 - Intermediate/Advanced
    Monster Guitar Method: Volume 5 - Advanced
    Each will be released on May 17th with a retail price of $29.98.

    On June 7th HBO will release Sopranos: The Complete 5th Season. Like the
    other sets it will feature 5.1 audio and anamorphic video. The list price
    will be $99.98. They also have the first five seasons in a mega set for
    $499.99 for those with a few extra dollars and want to catch up.

    Universal will release In Good Company featuring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace
    and Scarlett Johansson on May 10th. There will be separate widescreen and
    P&S versions both with Dolby 5.1 audio and listing for $29.98.

    Also from Universal are a couple of season box sets:
    Airwolf: Season #1
    Baa Baa Black Sheep: Season #1
    Each will be released on May 24th listing for $39.98.

    Paramount will release Star Trek: Insurrection (Special Edition) on June
    7th. This release will feature Dolby 5.1/DTS and anamorphic video. Extras
    7 Production featurettes
    It Takes a Village
    Location, Location, Location
    The Art of Insurrection
    Anatomy of a Stunt
    The Story of Insurrection
    Making Insurrection
    Director's Notebook)
    2 Star Trek Universe featurettes
    Westmore's Aliens
    Star Trek's Beautiful Alien Women
    3 Creating the Illusion featurettes
    Shuttle Chase
    The Drones
    The Duck Blind)
    7 deleted scenes
    Ru'afo's Facelift
    Working Lunch
    The Kiss
    Status: Precarious
    Disabling the Injector
    Alternate Ending
    galleries of storyboards and production photos
    the film's teaser and theatrical trailers
    original promotional featurette
    Borg Invasion 4-D trailer.
    List price will be $19.98.

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. Currently the main database
    contains 61,151 titles. Changes and additions this week number 331 there are
    2,801 due to be released titles. Updated lists for discontinued, cancelled,
    postponed and rescheduled titles as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX and
    Superbit titles. UPC numbers and original release dates are included in the
    fields. There is also a comprehensive list of titles that were rescheduled
    or reissued. Search function for the database, (including UPC search)
    complements of site partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem

    Current previews include Elektra, Greatest American Hero Season 2, Closer,
    Alfie (1966/2004), First Invasion and French Revolution. Recent reviews
    include Kojak Season One, Cube Zero, Saw, Motorcycle Diaries, Ladder 49,
    Deadwood, Ray, Vanity Fair, Charmed: Season One, Sky Captain, Catwoman,
    Friday Night Lights, When will I be Loved , Farscape: The Peacekeer Wars,
    Mean Creek, First Daughter, Backbeat and the 5 Browns. Updates to the DVD
    database, including release specifications usually made twice daily.

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Mar 15, 2005
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