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    Lion's Gate has something for Rambo fans, the Ultimate Edition of all three
    films. Each film will feature remastered Dolby 5.1 audio and anamorphic
    video as well multi-angle scenes, commentaries and deleted scenes. More
    details about the extras should be available shortly. Each individual film
    will retail for $19.95 or you can opt for the box set of all three for

    Also announced by Lion's Gate:
    November 2nd:
    Soft Kill

    November 9th:
    Dead End
    Martin (1977)
    Strike Force (Librarians)

    November 16th:
    No Vacancy

    November 23rd:
    Jackhammer Massacre

    Warner Brothers will release Shawshank Redemption (Deluxe Limited Edition/
    DVD/CD Combo) on October 5th. The list price is set for $44.99.

    On October 19, Warner Home Video will release the Ultimate Oliver Stone
    Collection, a 14-disc gift set which includes 12 of his most popular and
    influential films. The Collection also includes a bonus instant movie ticket
    for up to $12 off the admission to Alexander. The Ultimate Oliver Stone
    Collection will retail for $129.92.

    Films in the Ultimate Oliver Stone Collection are:
    Salvador - Special Edition
    Platoon - Special Edition
    Wall Street,
    Talk Radio
    Born on the Fourth of July
    The Doors
    JFK Special Edition Director's Cut
    Heaven and Earth
    Natural Born Killers
    Any Given Sunday Special Edition Director's Cut
    Also included is Oliver Stone's America, an in-depth look at Stone's
    extraordinary movie legacy, which takes up the 13th disc.

    There are also two Stone documentaries on the 14th disc which has "Looking
    for Fidel" and "Persona Non Grata"
    Rounding things off is a preview of Alexander.

    From Columbia/TriStar for release on November 16th:
    First Snow Of Winter
    Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
    Wubbulous World Of Dr. Seuss: The Cat's Fun House

    Announed by Music Video Distributors
    September 28th:
    Portland Splash: Singers
    Portland Splash: DJ's
    Italians: The Next Generation

    October 7th:
    Italians: The Next Generation
    Portland Splash: DJ's
    ATL Unplugged
    Deep Purple: Live Encounters
    Rio Freaks: Volume 4
    Nazareth: Live In Texas
    Steve Marriot: Astoria Memorial Concert
    All Access: DVD Magazine Vol. 7

    October 26th:
    Shag Carpet Sunset
    Perry Como: Christmas In Ireland
    Macc Lads: Three Bears: Best Of 1982-1988
    Swinging U.K.
    Miles Davis: Cool Jazz Sound

    Warner Brothers has announced several two disc box sets. Once again they are
    repackage deals with the same techniacl specifications as the original
    separate releases. Included are:
    Septmeber 14th:
    Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Pan & Scan/ DVD/CD Combo)
    Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Pan & Scan) / Scooby-Doo's Original

    October 5th:
    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: 1 & 2 (2-Pack/ Long)

    October 12th:
    Fame / Pennies From Heaven (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)
    On The Town (Warner Brothers) / Brigadoon (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)
    On The Town (Warner Brothers) / Brigadoon (2-Pack)
    Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Wizard
    Of Oz (Special Edition) (2-Pack)
    Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Wizard
    Of Oz (Special Edition) (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)
    Victor/Victoria (1982/ Special Edition) / Cabaret (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)
    Singin' In The Rain (Warner Brothers/ Movie-Only Edition) / Music Man
    (Special Edition) (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)
    American In Paris (Warner Brothers) / Gigi (Back-To-Back)
    Calamity Jane / Pajama Game (2-Pack/ Side-By-Side)
    Annie Get Your Gun (Special Edition) / Showboat (Back-To-Back)
    (above are $29.98)

    November 2nd:
    Looney Tunes: The Golden Collection Complete, Vol. 1 & 2
    Looney Tunes: The Spotlight Collection Complete, Vol. 1 & 2
    ($129.95 each)

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    search) complements of site partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem

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    including release specifications usually made twice daily.

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Sep 10, 2004
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