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    From Pathfinder:
    June 29:
    July 20th:
    To Have And To Hold
    Sloppy Joe And The Heartbreak Gang
    August 17th:
    Straight From The Heart (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam)
    Metal Skin
    Kintaro, The White Collar Worker

    BMG has something for fans of the King. On June 22nd they have a couple of
    deluxe editions that should please Elvis fans.
    Elvis '68 Comeback Special (Deluxe Edition) ($49.95)
    Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii (Deluxe Edition) ($29.95)
    Both are listing as having Dolby Surround and letterbox video.

    On June 1st HBO and Warner Brothers have a few releases of movies, mostly
    made for cable. From the HBO side:
    By Dawn's Early Light
    Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde
    Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault
    On the Warner Brothers side there are:
    Getting Away With Murder
    Last Of His Tribe
    Steal Big Steal Little
    Eacvh title will retail for $9.99 and look like plain vanilla releases.

    August will bring some anime from Goldhil Studio.
    August 17th:
    Yu Yu Hakusho #25: In The Blood (UnCut)
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: #11 Ultimate Ninja (Edited)
    Dragon Ball Z: Cell Games - Earth's Last Hope (UnCut)
    Dragon Ball Z: Bojact Unbound Feature (Edited)
    Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound Feature (UnCut)
    August 24th:
    Tenchi Muyo GXP #5: Living Ship (UnCut)
    Cased Closed: Starter Set (LTO-UnCut)
    Cased Closed #2: Deadly Illusions (UnCut)
    Cased Closed #1: Secret Life of Jimmy Kudo (UnCut)

    On August 31st Goldhil has some animation for the young set:
    Cabbage Patch Kids #4 The New Kid (Edited)
    Braceface #2: Getting Real (Edited)
    Each of these titles are $14.98.

    For those that would like to learn something about the consitution instead
    of watching a film, Goldhil has a few DVDs to help out.
    Just The Facts: The United States Constitution
    Just The Facts: The United States Bill of Rights & Constitutional Amendments
    Each title will retail for $24.95 or you can get:
    Just The Facts: The United States Constitution & Bill of Rights (2 Volume
    for a list price of $49.95.

    As expected official UPC numbers for the 2004 film version of Starsky &
    Hutch have been announced By Columbia/TriStar. Yet again there are two
    variations, a pan and scan version (085392840229) and an anamorphic 2.35:1
    version (085392840328). Both will have Dolby 5.1 audio and a retail price of
    $27.95. Extras are stated as including:
    director's commentary,
    gag reel,
    deleted scenes,
    the Fashion Fa Sizzle Wit Huggy Bizzle featurette,
    Last Look spoof documentary

    Also from Columbia on July 6th:
    Fly By Night
    Side Out
    Wholly Moses

    BBC Home Video through Warner Brothers has just the thing for fans of films
    based on Jane Austin. On August 24th they have a number of films featuring
    the stories of this author. You may see either Warner Brothers or BBC as the
    studio for these films. The UPC prefix is common to both. They are the mini
    series versions of the novels. Included are:
    Mansfield Park
    Pride & Prejudice
    Sense And Sensibility
    Each title has a suggested price of $14.95. There is also a box set that
    will run $59.95

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. The official list now features
    42,329 titles with 560 additions or changes and 551 Pre-Release
    announcements. The All Titles list has 42,880 titles. Recent releases
    include: Last Week 262, This Week 277 and Next Week 284 titles.

    Previews of Girl with a Pearl Earring, Great Escape Smallville Season 2,
    Monster and Paycheck, Recent reviews nclude: Master & Commander: The Far
    Side of the World, Kill Bill Vol. 1, The Cooler, Timeline, Matrix
    Revolutions, Final Countdown, Freaks & Geeks, Schindler's List, House of
    Sand and Fog. Classic reviews: Them and Steambath, Coming titles listed
    before all the specs are in can be found in a the list,

    Updated lists for discontinued, cancelled, postponed and rescheduled titles
    as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX and Superbit titles. UPC numbers and
    original release dates now being added to the database. There is also a
    greatly expanded list of titles that were rescheduled or reissued. Search
    function for the database, (now including UPC search) complements of site
    partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem and

    Updates to the DVD database, including release specs usually made twice

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, May 1, 2004
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