New releases: Man form U.N.C.L.E., Godfather (Coppola Restoration) & What Happens In Vegas: Updated

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Douglas MacLean, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. A&E Video
    September 23rd:
    102 Minutes That Changed America
    New York Yankees: Essential Games Of Yankee Stadium

    Anchor Bay
    August 26th:
    Virgin Territory (3-Disc)

    September 23rd:
    Wow Wow Wubbzy

    October 7th:
    Crunch: Latin Rhythms
    Crunch: Yoga Body Sculpt
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Totally Thomas, Vol. 7
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Totally Thomas, Vol. 8
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Totally Thomas, Vol. 9
    Visitor (2007/ Blu-ray)

    October 14th:
    Scott Baio Is 45 ... And Single: Season 1
    Scott Baio Is 45 ... And Single: Season 2: Scott Baio Is 46 ... And Pregnant
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Rusty To The Rescue
    Tortilla Heaven

    October 28th:
    Dead Space (Blu-ray)

    Buena Vista
    September 9th:
    Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (Blu-ray)
    Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (Blu-ray)

    July 15th:
    Jesse Stone 4-Pack: Stone Cold (2005) / Jesse Stone: Night Passage / Jesse
    Stone: Death In Paradise / Sea Change

    September 9th:
    Idle Hands (UMD)
    Rudy (Blu-ray)

    First Look
    October 21st:
    Breed (2006/ Blu-ray)

    October 28th:
    Prince & Me 2: The Royal Wedding (Blu-ray)
    Prince & Me 3: The Royal Honeymoon (Blu-ray)

    July 29th:
    Blu-ray Sci-Fi Bundle, Vol. 2: Stargate: Continuum / Sunshine (2007) / AVP:
    Alien Vs. Predator (PG-13 Version)

    August 28th:
    Prison Break (2005): Seasons 1 - 3
    What Happens In Vegas (Special Edition)
    What Happens In Vegas (Special Edition/ Blu-ray)

    September 23rd:
    Behind Enemy Lines (Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Day After Tomorrow (Widescreen w/ Digital Copy)
    Die Hard (Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story (PG-13 Version/ Widescreen/ Special Edition
    w/ Digital Copy)
    Edward Scissorhands (Widescreen/ 10th Anniversary Edition/ Pink O-Ring)
    Fantastic Four (2005/ Widescreen w/ Digital Copy)
    Girl Next Door (2004/ Special Edition/ Unrated Version w/ Digital Copy)
    Grandma's Boy (w/ Digital Copy)
    Hide And Seek (2005/ Widescreen w/ Digital Copy)
    I, Robot (Widescreen/ Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    In Her Shoes (Widescreen/ Pink O-Ring)
    Independence Day (Widescreen/ 1-Disc Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Just My Luck (Pink O-Ring)
    Little Miss Sunshine (Pink O-Ring)
    Moulin Rouge (2001/ 1-Disc Special Edition/ English/ Spanish Version/ Pink
    My Name Is Earl: Season 3
    Napoleon Dynamite (Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Office Space (Widescreen/ Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Speed (1994/ Widescreen w/ Digital Copy)
    Super Troopers (Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    There's Something About Mary (Widescreen/ Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Transporter (Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)
    Walk In The Clouds (Pink O-Ring)
    X2: X-Men United (Widescreen w/ Digital Copy)
    X3: X-Men: The Last Stand (Widescreen w/ Digital Copy)
    X-Men (Special Edition w/ Digital Copy)

    October 14th:
    How I Met Your Mother: Season 3

    November 11th:
    Sopranos: The Complete 1st - 6th Seasons: The Complete Series

    Lion's Gate
    September 9th:
    According To Jim: Season 1

    September 23rd:
    Copycat (2008)
    Sundown: Vampire In Retreat (Special Edition)

    New Line
    July 29th:
    Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay (Rated R Version)

    October 14th:
    New World (2005/ Extended Cut)

    August 26th:
    Son Of Rambow

    September 23rd:
    Godfather (The Coppola Restoration)
    Godfather, Part II (The Coppola Restoration)
    Godfather, Part III (The Coppola Restoration)
    Godfather: The Coppola Restoration (4-Disc/ Blu-ray): The Godfather / The
    Godfather, Part II / The Godfather, Part III
    Godfather: The Coppola Restoration (5-Disc): The Godfather / The Godfather,
    Part II / The Godfather, Part III

    Sony Pictures
    September 9th:
    Fall (2006)
    Fall (2006/ Blu-ray)
    Sarah Landon And The Paranormal Hour
    Taking 5

    Warner Brothers
    September 2nd:
    Hometown Legend (Special Edition)
    Time After Time (Special Edition)

    October 7th:
    Watership Down (1978)

    October 14th:
    Cosmic Voyage: IMAX (Blu-ray) / Destiny In Space: IMAX (Blu-ray)
    Silverhawks: Season 1, Vol. 1
    Space Station: IMAX (Blu-ray) / Mission To Mir: IMAX (Blu-ray)

    October 21st:
    George Wallace
    Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Warner Brothers): The Complete Series

    October 28th:
    NFL: Greatest Games Series: 1982 Washington Redskins

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    Douglas MacLean, Jul 8, 2008
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  2. In message "Douglas MacLean"
    And where is the petition for those of us who bought the first set to trade
    it for the one that should have come out originally?
    George Walker Bush, Jul 8, 2008
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