New releases: Kubrick remastered, Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End & Four 2: Rise Of The Sil

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    A&E Video has a number of titles set for release on October 30th:
    Animal ER
    Barack Obama: A&E Biography
    Ben & Jerry: A&E Biography
    Benny Hill: Complete & Unadulterated Complete Collection
    Breaking Vegas: Prince Of Poker
    Cities Of The Underworld: The Complete Season 1
    Dangerous Missions: Assualt On Iwo Jima
    Declassified: Secrets Of World War I
    Decoding The Past: Secrets Of The Dollar Bill
    Decoding The Past: The Templar Code, Parts 1 - 2
    Gulf War
    History Channel Presents: Behind The Da Vinci Code
    History Channel Presents: Bible Battles
    History Channel Presents: Blood Diamonds
    History Channel Presents: Saddam's Secret Tunnels
    History Channel Presents: Sherman's March
    History Channel Presents: The Christmas Truce
    History Channel Presents: Vietnam: Homecoming
    Investigative Reports: Hooked On A Dream: Americas Lotteries
    Investigative Reports: In The Line Of Fire
    Investigative Reports: Inside The FBI
    John Wayne: American Legend: A&E Biography
    Modern Marvels: Bible Tech
    Modern Marvels: Bulletproof
    Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters: New Orleans
    Quest For Dragons
    Saturday Night Live: A&E Biography
    Tom Hanks: The Luckiest Man In The World: A&E Biography

    Absolutely Fabulous: Absolutely Everything will be released by BBC Home
    Video on October 16th listing for $129.98.

    Big Vision has some new releases set up.
    October 2nd:
    Proelite Presents EliteXC: Destiny
    Revolucha: Dia De Los Muertos

    October 9th:
    Ghost Hunters (2004): Season 3, Part 1
    Ghost Hunters: Live From The Shining Hotel

    October 16th:
    World Wrestling Network Presents: FIP: Big Year One Bash
    World Wrestling Network Presents: Shimmer Women Athletes, Vol. 5

    October 30th:
    Sea Tales, Vol. 3: The Ugly Duckling / The Selfish Giant
    NWA Pro Wrestling: Fiesta Lucha

    Buena Vista has announced the release of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At
    World's End on December 4th. There will be a widescreen DVD, a special
    edition DVD and a Blue ray version.

    Also from Buena Vista is the third season of Lost set for December 11th. The
    list price will be $59.98.

    Classic Rock Legends has new titles for release. Most will have 5.1/DTS
    audio. All will street on October 9th.
    Arctic Monkeys: Behind The Music (w/ Book)
    Jimi Hendrix: Smash Hits: World's Greatest Albums
    Police: Regatta De Blanc: Rock Milestones
    Prodigy: Music In Review (w/ Book)
    UFO: Videobiography

    Due out from Columbia/Tri-Star.
    October 16th:
    Christmas Do-Over
    Hollow Man (Director's Cut/ Blu-ray)

    October 23rd:
    Hostel (Director's Cut/ Blu-ray)

    On October 2nd the Criterion Collection will be increased a bit.
    Breathless (1960/ Criterion/Voyager/ Special Edition)
    Days Of Heaven (Criterion/Voyager/ Special Edition)
    Under The Volcano (Special Edition)
    Mala Noche

    Crystal Entertainment has some titles set for release on October 9th:
    Inside Hockey
    Oprah Unauthorized
    Passion Of Jesus Christ
    Real Heroes: Inspirational Stories Of Giving
    Serendipity Singers: Musical Yuletide Celebration With The Serendipity
    True Story Of The Nativity
    Unlocking Ancient Secrets Of The Bible
    Wild And Wacky Christmas Bloopers

    Desert Moutain has some Spanish language films ready for release on August
    Angel De Fuego
    Austicia (Astucia)
    Call Me Mike (Llamenme Mike)
    Calzonzin Inspector
    Cilantro Y Perejil (Desert Mountain Media)
    Comodas Mesualidades
    Deserted Seas (Desiertos Mares)
    El Castillo De La Pureza
    El Corazon De La Noche
    El Imperio De La Fortuna
    El Infierno De Todos Tan Temido
    El Juicio De Martin Cortes
    El Nino Del Tambor
    El Principo Del Siglo
    El Rincon De La Virgenes
    El Tres De Copas (The Three Of Cups)
    En Busca De un Muro
    Esclavo Del Rocanrol
    Esperanza (1988)
    General Santa Ana
    Kino: The Legend Of The Black Priest
    La Guerra Santa
    La Mujer De Benjamin
    La Pasion Segun Berenice
    La Republica Del Exilio
    La Vida Conyugal (a.k.a. Married Life)
    Leyenda De Una Mascara
    Life Sentence (Cadena Perpetua)
    Like A Bride
    Lo Que Importa Es Vivir (Living Is What Matters)
    Los Tres Reyes Magos
    Luces De La Noche (Night Trails)
    Magic Hour (Entre La Tarde Y La Noche)
    Matinee (1977)
    Poison For The Fairies
    Por Si No Te Vuelvo A Ver
    Saint Lucifer (Santo Luzbel)
    Terror Y Encajes Negros (a.k.a. Terror And Black Lace)
    These Ruins That You See
    Tintorera: Tiger Shark
    Tivoli (Uncut And Uncensored)

    On October 9th First Run Features has some DVD interactive games set for
    Deal Or No Deal: The Interactive DVD Game Show
    Family Feud (3rd Edition)
    Press Your Luck: The Interactive DVD game
    Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

    On October 2nd Fox has the Fantastic Four 2: Rise Of The Silver Surfer set
    for release. There will be a regular and special edition version as well as
    a two pack with the the first film.

    Entourage season three will be released by HBO on October 2nd. You can get
    the season box set or the first three season.

    Also from HBO the final episodes of the Sopranos will be released on October
    23rd. It will be available in DVD for $99.98 or either HD-DVD or Blu ray for

    Lion's Gate will drop a few titles on October 23rd:
    Cutting Class
    Dark Storm
    King Of New York (Blu-ray)
    Saw III (Widescreen/ Director's Cut)
    Saw Trilogy: Saw (Widescreen/ Special Edition/ Uncut) / Saw II (Widescreen/
    Special Edition) / Saw III (Director's Cut)

    Due out from MPI on October 30th:
    2103: The Deadly Wake
    Carver's Gate
    Dark Shadows: The Beginning: Collection 2: Episodes 36 - 70
    Family Affair (1966): Season 4
    Replikator: Cloned To Kill

    The Explore your Mind series from National Geographic comes to DVD on
    November 13th:
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: Animals
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: Best Of National Geographic
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: Exploration
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: History & People
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: Inside Series
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: Nature & Weather
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: News & Noteworthy
    National Geographic: Explore Your Mind: War & Military
    Each box set will list for $119.98.

    Passport Video has some titles that include some classic entertainers set
    for release on October 9th.
    Abbott & Costello Comedy Collection
    Cash Poker: 1st Complete Season
    Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Collection, Vol. 2: When Television Was Funny:
    Colgate Comedy Hour
    George Burns & Gracie Allen Collection
    Jack Benny Collection (5-Disc)
    Jack Benny Comedy Pack (2-Disc)
    Laurel & Hardy Collection (5-Disc)
    Little Rascals Collection (5-Disc)
    Lucille Ball Collection (5-Disc)
    Martin & Lewis Comedy Pack (5-Disc): At War With The Army / Colgate Comedy
    Martin & Lewis Comedy Pack: At War With The Army / Dean & Jerry On live TV!
    Marx Brothers Collection (5-Disc)
    Red Skelton Collection (Passport Video/ 5-Disc)
    Shirley Temple Collection (5-Disc)
    Shirley Temple: Classic Pack (2-Disc)
    Three Stooges Comedy Collection (5-Disc)

    Shout! Factory will release Ironside: Season 2 on October 16th listing for

    Announced for release by SOny Pictures.
    September 18th:
    Holly Hobbie & Friends: Surprise Party (Sony Pictures) / Holly Hobbie &
    Friends: Secret Adventures

    October 16th:
    Ice Spiders
    Icons Of Horror Collection: Sam Katzman: Giant Claw / The Werewolf / Zombies
    Of Mora Tau / Creature With The Atom Brain / ...
    Kings Of South Beach

    October 23rd:
    Company (2-Disc)
    Company (Blu-ray/ 2-Disc)
    Hostel: Part II
    Hostel: Part II (Blu-ray)
    Hostel: Part II (UMD)

    Universal has made a few new announcements.
    October 23rd:
    Carlito's Way (HD-DVD)
    Carlito's Way: Rise To Power (Widescreen/ HD-DVD)
    Inside Man (2006/ Widescreen/ HD-DVD)
    Seed Of Chucky (Unrated Version/ Fully Extended/ HD-DVD)

    November 6th:
    Curious George (2006/ Widescreen) / Babe (1995/ Widescreen/ Special Edition)

    November 13th:
    Miami Vice (1984): Season 1 - 5: The Complete Series

    Warner Brothers has some new releases including some new re-mastered Stanley
    Kubirck films. Several are preented in anamorphic widecreen for the first
    September 4th:
    Lost Boys (1987/ Movie-Only Edition)

    September 25th:
    Gothika (Widescreen/ Blu-ray)
    Gothika (Widescreen/ HD-DVD))
    Wild Bunch (Blu-ray)
    Wyatt Earp (Blu-ray)

    October 3rd:
    Annie Oakley (1935)

    OCtober 9th:
    Elvis Blue Suede Collection: Jailhouse Rock (Deluxe Edition) / It Happened
    At The World's Fair / Kissin' Cousins / ...
    Elvis Collection: Girl Happy / Jailhouse Rock / Kissin' Cousins / Viva Las
    Homie Spumoni

    October 23rd:
    Barry Lyndon
    Burt Lancaster: Signature Collection
    Executive Action
    Eyes Wide Shut (Special Edition)
    Eyes Wide Shut (Special Edition/ Blu-ray)
    Eyes Wide Shut (Special Edition/ HD-DVD)
    Flame And The Arrow
    Full Metal Jacket (Warner Brothers/ Deluxe Edition/ Blu-ray)
    Full Metal Jacket (Warner Brothers/ Deluxe Edition/ HD-DVD)
    His Majesty O'Keefe
    Jim Thorpe: All American
    Lolita (1962)
    O Lucky Man! (Special Edition/ Special Edition)
    Shining (Special Edition)
    Shining (Special Edition/ Blu-ray)
    Shining (Special Edition/ HD-DVD)
    South Sea Woman
    Stanley Kubrick Collection: Lolita (1962) / Dr. Strangelove / 2001: A Space
    Odyssey / A Clockwork Orange / ...
    Stanley Kubrick: A Life In Pictures

    October 30th:
    Barbara Stanwyck: Signature Collection
    East Side, West Side
    Executive Suite
    My Reputation
    NBA Champions 2006-2007 (Special Edition)
    To Please A Lady / Jeopardy (Double Feature)

    November 27th:
    O.C.: The Complete 1st - 4th Seasons: The Complete Series

    December 18th:
    Blade Runner (4-Disc Collector's Edition)
    Blade Runner (The Final Cut/ Special Edition)

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. Currently the main database
    contains 115,556 titles. 499 changes and additions this week number there
    are 3,237 due to be released titles. Updated lists for discontinued,
    cancelled, postponed and rescheduled titles as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX,
    Blue ray & HD-DVD titles. UPC numbers and original release dates are
    included in the fields. There is also a comprehensive list of titles that
    were rescheduled or reissued. Search function for the database, (including
    UPCsearch) complements of site partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem

    Current previews include: Confess, Dexter Season 1, Wild Hogs, Distrubia,
    Dresden Files Season 1. Other reviews include: , Crime Story (1993), 8
    Simple Rules, Muppet Show Season 2, Number 23, Factory Girl and Eureka:
    Season One, Black Snake Moan, Girl, Postitive, Street Thief. Deadwood, Ghost
    Rider, Bridge to Terabithia, Shaw Brothers Flicks, Breach, Primeval and
    Fired. Updates to the DVD database,including release specifications usually
    made twice daily.

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.
    Doug MacLean, Aug 7, 2007
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