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    The initial announcement from Universal for King Kong (2005) has been
    issued. The release date will be March 28th with a Pan & Scan and anamorphic
    widescreen release listing for $29.98 and a special collector's edition
    which should retail for $30.98. Details for the extras will follow shortly.

    West Wing: The Complete 6th Season will be released by Warner Brothers will
    be released on May 9th, list price set for $59.98.

    On May 9th Buena Vista will release both Shopgirl and Casanova. Both are set
    for Dolby 5.1 audio and anamorphic video listing for $29.98.

    Paramount will release Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist: Season 1 on May
    9th. List price will be $19.98.

    Universal has planned a few more two packs set for release on April 25th:
    Perfect Man (Special Edition/ Widescreen) / Wedding Date (Special Edition/
    Widescreen) (2-Pack)
    Serenity (Widescreen) / Chronicles Of Riddick (Widescreen) (2-Pack)
    Skeleton Key (Widescreen) / Cry Wolf (2-Pack)
    40-Year-Old Virgin (Unrated Version/ Widescreen) / American Wedding
    (Extended Party Edition/ Widescreen/ Unrated Version)
    American Pie: Band Camp (Unrated Version/ Widescreen) / American Pie
    (Special Edition/ Unrated Version)
    Broken Flowers / Lost In Translation (Widescreen)
    Cinderella Man (Widescreen) / Seabiscuit (2003/ Special Edition/ Widescreen)

    Buena Vista has a few new announcements for their April and May roster:
    April 25th:
    Disney's Little Einsteins: Team Up For Adventure
    Everything You Want

    May 2nd:
    Dinosaurs: The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons
    Ritual (2001)

    Some more two packs are set for release on March 7th from Dreamworks:
    Madagascar (Pan & Scan) / Chicken Run
    Madagascar (Pan & Scan) / Shrek (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)
    Madagascar (Pan & Scan) / Shrek 2 (Pan & Scan)
    Madagascar (Pan & Scan)/ Shark Tale (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan)
    Shrek (Special Edition/ Pan & Scan) / Shrek 2 (Pan & Scan)
    Wallace & Gromit In Three Amazing Adventures / Chicken Run (Pan & Scan)
    Each will list for $26.95.

    PBS has a good size number of special interest and documentaries announced:
    January 31st:
    1421: The Year China Discovered America
    Cemetery Special
    Helen Of Troy (2005)
    Race To The Moon: The American Experience
    Two Days In October: The American Experience
    World's Greatest Fair

    February 14th:
    American Valor
    Dead Gorgeous
    Fighting For Freedom: Revolution & Civil War
    Gettysburg: Boys In Blue & Gray
    Great Lodges: Canadian Rockies
    Great Lodges: Canadian Rockies / National Parks: Glacier Lodges / Pacific
    Great Lodges: National Parks: Glacier Lodges / Pacific Northwest
    In Search Of Myths & Heroes
    In Search Of Shakespeare
    Kofi Annan: Center Of The Storm
    Natural History Of Chicken
    Reporting America At War
    War That Made America
    Woodrow Wilson: The American Experience

    February 28th:
    One Woman, One Vote

    March 7th:
    Nuremberg Trials: The American Experience

    One June 20th Universal has several of the re-mastered Alfred Hitchcock
    Trouble With Harry
    Each will list for $19.95.

    Set for release on February 28th by Braun Media:
    Black Cobra
    Deadly Drifter
    High Lonesome (1950)
    Hot Rod Girl
    Image Of Bruce Lee
    Impulse (1974)
    It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
    Jack Frost (1979)
    Legacy Of Blood
    Long Arm Of The Godfather
    Madigan's Millions
    Model By Day
    Mr. Scarface
    Murder Without Motive
    My Brother's Wife
    Night Tide (Movie-Only Edition)
    No Substitute For Victory

    Image has made some additions to their announcements for April:
    April 4th:
    Delinquent Double Feature (Special Edition): Hooked! / The Flaming Teenage
    Hip Hop Laws Of Success
    Mystique's Hottest Buns & Best Legs
    Personal Vendetta
    Streets Of Rage

    April 11th:
    Jeff Dunham: Arguing With Myself

    April 18th:
    Tokyo Psycho

    April 25th:
    Creepy Cowboys: Four Weird Westerns: Tombstone Canyon / Rawhide Terror /
    Vanishing Riders / Wild Horse Phantom
    Forgotten Terrors: The Phantom / The Intruder / Tangled Destinies / Dead Men
    Gene Autry: Colorado Sunset
    Gene Autry: Mexicali Rose
    Patlabor: The Movie
    Patlabor: The Movie (Collector's Limited Edition/ w/ Book)

    Announced by A&E Video:
    March 28th:
    Dog The Bounty Hunter: Best Of Seasons 1 & 2
    Highway To Heaven: Seasons 1 - 3
    Monty Python's Personal Best Collection
    Wind In The Willows Collection

    April 25th:
    Agatha Christie's Poirot: Classic Crimes Collection
    Avengers '62
    Cardinals Greatest Games Busch Stadium
    Nero Wolfe Megaset
    Penn & Teller: Off The Deep End

    May 9th:
    Pittsburgh Pirates 1979 World Series

    Coming from Columbia/Tri-Star set for release on April 4th:
    Blue Thunder (Special Edition)
    Dawson's Creek: The Complete 6th Season
    Pedro Almodovar Classics Collection
    Story Of Qiu Ju
    Thank God It's Friday

    On April 29th (I know it's not a Tuesday) New Video will release several new
    Image Before My Eyes
    Man Who Walked Between The Towers
    Oh! Calcutta!
    Red Balloon

    Please note: UMD refers to Universal Media Discs, a variation used by
    Playstation 2 devices.

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. Currently the main database
    contains 78,940 titles. Changes and additions this week number 295 and there
    are 2,489 due to be released titles. Updated lists for discontinued,
    cancelled, postponed and rescheduled titles as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX
    and Superbit titles. UPC numbers and original release dates are included in
    the fields. There is also a comprehensive list of titles that were
    rescheduled or reissued. Search function for the database, (including UPC
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    Four, Serenity, MacGyver : Season 4, Leave it to Beaver Season One, War of
    the Worlds (2005), Outer Limits: New Series Season One and Star Wars Episode
    III: Revenge of the Sith. Updates to the DVD database, including release
    specifications usually made twice daily.

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Jan 31, 2006
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  2. Surely the SCE should be $39.98, rather than $30.98. No one charges
    just a dollar extra for a collector's edition.
    Evelyn C. Leeper, Jan 31, 2006
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