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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Doug MacLean, Aug 2, 2003.

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    Universal has announced that the Hulk (2003) will be released on October
    28th. There will be both a P&S as well as an anamorphic widescreen version
    available. Both are currently slated for Dolby 5.1 audio. Among the extras
    announced are deleted scenes, "Captured Fury" - various illustrators from
    around the world, each trained in a different animation style, create a
    scene from the movie in comic book form, Superhero Revealed: The Anatomy of
    the Hulk -3D ILM-developed Hulk model that can be manipulated through the
    viewer's remote control. Special features relating to the Hulk's
    extraordinary strength, speed and size. Clicking on various body parts
    launch pop-up comic book like bubbles that invite the audience to watch
    small featurettes of scenes. Evolution of The Hulk - From the first
    metamorphosis of Bruce Banner into the Hulk on the pages of comic books, to
    his on-screen metamorphosis, dig deep into he production and technology that
    have brought the Hulk to life for this feature. Hulk Cam - optional flashing
    icons during the movie playback with behind-the-scenes footage relating to
    the current scene. The Incredible Ang Lee - A tribute to Ang Lee's
    all-encompassing hands-on directing style. The Making of The Hulk -
    documentary featuring special affects team members, stunt coordinators, and
    other crew members. Audio commentary with Director Ang Lee. The Dog Fight
    (making-of-featurette). The full screen version is UPC 025192307522,
    widescreen 025192248924. The suggested cost is $26.98.

    On November 4th Warner Brothers have some classic older films, Each will
    cost $19.98. Included are Dark Passage, High Sierra, They Drive By Night and
    To Have and Have Not. Also from the WB are Dr. Seuss: The Best of (Horton
    Hatches the Egg / The Butter Battle Book / Daisy Head Mayzie) and In Search
    of Dr. Seuss on November 11th. Beast from 20,000 Fathom, Black Scorpion and
    Valley of the Gwangi for October 21st and Lon Chaney Collection on October
    28 featuring not only the documentary but three of his works The Ace of
    Hearts, Laugh, Clown, Laugh and The Unknown.

    From Buena Vista on November 11th: Eloise At The Plaza, Music Man (the 2002
    TV version) and Ultimate Musical Movies (Annie / Cinderella / Music Man).

    Spanish comedy star Cantinflas is featured by Columbia/TriStar on October
    7th. El Analfabeto, El Bolero De Raquel, El Padrecito and Su Excelencia will
    street, each with subtitles costing $19.95. YOu can also opt for the four
    pack for $70.95.

    The modern circus comes to town with Columbia's October 7th release of
    Cirque Du Soleil: Alegria and Cirque Du Soleil: Varekai. The initial
    specifications indicate no 5.1 audio or anamorphic video but Cirque titles
    have been known to change specs suddenly. Each goes for $28.96.

    Sanford And Son: The Complete 3rd Season is being released by Columbia on
    October 7th.

    Also on October 7th from Columbia are Seeing Double, Cromwell, Man Without A
    Past, Hollywood Homicide and Another Meltdown.

    Music for a variety of tastes is due out from Naxos on August 19th. Most of
    the technical specs seem fairly good with several titles providing 5.1, DTS
    and anamorphic video. Included are Raw Punk Vol. 1: More Bollocks, Raw Punk
    Vol. 2: Even More Bollocks, Giovanni Paisiello: Nina, Joint Concert In Tel
    Aviv, Giacomo Puccini: Turandot, Pure Ambience: Therapeutic Temple,
    Prokofiev: Romeo And Juliet, Sweet: Here And Now and Merry Widow.

    Paramount has some decisions and revisions that a moment will reverse. The
    Italian Job (1969) which originally was set for August 15th with a UPC of
    097360682847 has been cancelled. It is now being packaged with the 2003
    version in Italian Job (1969 / 2003) UPC 097360507140 set for October 21st.
    On that date you can also get the 2003 by itself. The two pack is listed for
    $48.95 with $29.95 for the new version. The new version is listed for 5.1
    audio and anamorphic video.

    Three new announcements from Criterion. On October 7th they have Tokyo Story
    (Criterion). Listed as extras are 2-Disc Set; New high-definition digital
    transfer, with restored image and sound; Audio commentary by Ozu-film
    scholar David Desser, editor of Ozu's Tokyo Story; I Lived, But...: (1983) a
    two-hour documentary about the life and career of Ozu, featuring former
    assistant Shohei Imamura, critics Donald Richie and Tadao Sato, actors
    Chishu Ryu, Mariko Okada, Haruko Sugimura, and many more; Talking with Ozu:
    a 30-minute tribute to Yasujiro Ozu featuring reflections from directors
    Stanley Kwan, Aki Kurasmaki, Claire Denis, Lindsay Anderson, Paul Schrader,
    Wim Wenders, and Hou Hsiao-Hsien; Original theatrical trailer; New essay by
    David Bordwell, author of Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema; New and improved
    English subtitle translation.

    Criterion has Schizopolis (Criterion) on October 14th with: New
    high-definition digital transfer, approved by director Steven Soderbergh and
    enhanced for widescreen televisions; Two audio commentaries: Steven
    Soderbergh interviewed by Steven Soderbergh, producer John Hardy, actor and
    casting director David Jensen, production sound mixer Paul Ledford, and
    actor Michael Malone; Never-before-seen deleted scenes; Original theatrical
    trailer; New essay by Village Voice critic Dennis Lim; English subtitles for
    the deaf and hearing impaired.

    Finally, to round things off also from Criterion on October 14th is Le
    Cercle Rouge (Criterion) with 2-Disc set; Excerpts from Cinéastes de notres
    temps; Jean-Pierre Melville (portrait en 9 poses), a 1970 documentary on
    Melville's career; New video interview with Melville friend and editor of
    Melville on Melville, Rui Nogueira; New video interview with Le Cercle Rouge
    assistant director Bernard Stora; 30 minutes of rare on-set footage
    featuring interviews with director Jean-Pierre Melville, and stars Alain
    Delon, Yves Montand, and André Bourvil; French television interview footage
    with Melville and Delon; Original theatrical trailer; 2002 theatrical
    re-release trailer; Poster gallery; behind-the-scenes photos, and publicity
    photos; New essays by film critics Michael Sragow and Chris Fujiwara, plus
    an introduction from filmmaker John Woo; Excerpts from Rui Nogueira's book
    Melville on Melville regarding Le Cercle Rouge.

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. The official list now
    features30,856 titles with 227 additions or changes and 573 Pre-Release
    announcements. The All Titles list has 31,429 titles. Recent releases
    include: Last Week 242, This Week 210 and Next Week 194 titles.

    Featured review this week is Daredevil, previews of Them, and Chicago DVDs.
    Recent film reviews include May, Phone Booth, Gangs of New York, It Came
    From Beneath the Sea, Children of Dune, The Hulk Original TV Pilot, Harry
    Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, , Killing Me Softly, Real Women Have
    Curves, The Day the Earth Stood Still , Invaders From Mars (1953), Usual
    Suspects and Gormenghast . Coming titles listed before all the specs are in
    can be found in a new list,

    Updated lists for discontinued, cancelled, postponed and rescheduled titles
    as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX and Superbit titles. UPC numbers and
    original release dates now being added to the database. There is also a
    greatly expanded list of titles that were rescheduled or reissued. Search
    function for the database, (now including UPC search) complements of site
    partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem
    ( and DVDLister.

    Updates to the DVD database, including release specs usually made twice

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.
    Doug MacLean, Aug 2, 2003
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  2. Doug MacLean

    Black Locust Guest

    They know it's gonna be a huge seller. The general public gobble up
    stupid summer movies for no apparent reason. Tomb Raider: The Cradle of
    Life hasn't done all that well in it's theatrical release, but I promise
    people will buy and rent it in large numbers. Sad but true.

    If they made a Toxic Avenger movie with a 200 million dollar budget and
    gave it lot's of pretty CGI effects with Ben Affleck in the lead, I
    guarantee people would run to the theatre in droves to see it and then
    buy the 2 disc Special Edition DVD in droves. A turd is still a turd,
    but if you paint it gold, 8 out of 10 people will take it home with
    them. People are nothing but stupid brainwashed sheep.
    Black Locust, Aug 2, 2003
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