New releases: Commander In Chief: Season 1, Stay Alive & House, M.D.: Season 2: Updated complete dow

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    Anchor Bay has announced that the following titles have been added to their
    release list for August 22nd:
    Anonymous Rex
    Renegade: Season 2 & 3
    Wicker Man

    Scheduled by Buena Vista:
    August 15th:
    Stay Alive (Pan & Scan/ PG-13 Version)
    Stay Alive (Widescreen/ Unrated Version)
    Stick It

    August 22nd:
    Disney's Little Einsteins: Mission Celebration

    August 29th:
    Darkwing Duck, Vol. 1
    Talespin, Vol. 1
    Tick (1994)

    September 5th:

    October 3rd:
    Commander In Chief: Season 1: The Inaugural Edition, Part 2

    Columbia/Tri-Star has some additional titles for the Blu-ray collectors out
    August 1st:
    Silent Hill (Blu-ray)

    August 15th:
    Black Hawk Down Memento (Blu-ray)
    RV (Blu-ray)
    Sense And Sensibility (1995/Blu-ray)

    September 19th:
    As Good As It Gets (Blu-ray
    Bram Stoker's Dracula (Blu-ray)
    Glory (Blu-ray)
    Guns Of Navarone (Blu-ray)
    Snatch (Blu-ray)
    Starship Troopers (Blu-ray)
    Tears Of The Sun (Blu-ray)

    Phat Girlz will be released by Fox on August 22nd.

    MGM/UA will release For A Few Dollars More (HD-DVD) on September 19th. The
    list price will be $28.95.

    Universal has a new bunch of two film packs set for release on August 1st:
    Brokeback Mountain (Widescreen) / Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
    Jarhead (Widescreen) / The Bourne Supremacy (Widescreen)
    Munich (Widescreen) / Schindler's List (Widescreen)
    Nanny McPhee (Widescreen) / Peter Pan (2003/ Widescreen)
    Pride & Prejudice (2005/ Widescreen) / Vanity Fair (2004/ Special Edition/
    Prime (Widescreen) / Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason
    Prime (Widescreen) / Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason (R-Rated Version/
    Producers (2005/ Widescreen) / Meet The Fockers (Special Edition/
    Something New (2006/ Widescreen) / Deliver Us From Eva (Widescreen)

    Bring It On: All Or Nothing will be released by Universal on August 8th.
    There will be separated Pan & Scan and Widescreen versions each listing for

    Also from Universal:
    August 22nd:
    Conviction: The Complete Series
    House, M.D.: Season 2

    October 3rd:
    21 Grams (Special Edition)

    A.D.Vision has made a few announcements for release on July 4th:
    Cyberteam In Akihabara #1 - 6: Complete Collection
    This Ugly Yet Beautiful World #1: Falling Star
    This Ugly Yet Beautiful World #1: Falling Star (Limited Edition/ w/
    Collector's Box)
    UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie #3: The Pirates, The Princess & The Proposal!

    Due out from Koch on August 8th:
    Anne Of Avonlea
    Death In The Bunker: The True Story Of Hitler's Downfall
    Embedded '45: Shooting War In Germany
    Gille's Wife
    Jose Carreras: Jose Carreras Gala
    Jose Carreras: The Sacred Concert
    Mozart: Don Giovanni
    Popular Mechanics For Kids: Firefighters And Other Life Saving Heroes
    Popular Mechanics For Kids: Lightning And Other Forces Of Nature
    Renato Bruson: Renato Bruson Gala

    August 15th has a few titles just announced by Lion's Gate:
    Don't Tell
    UFC Classics, Vol. 5
    UFC Classics, Vol. 6

    Blazing Saddles (HD-DVD) will be released by Warner Brothers on May 30th.
    The list price will be $28.99.

    Please note: UMD refers to Universal Media Discs, a variation used by
    Playstation 2 devices.

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    in several formats as well as daily changes. Currently the main database
    contains 86,526 titles. Changes and additions this week number 386 there are
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    postponed and rescheduled titles as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX and
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    Something New, The Producers (2005), Aeon Flux, Hostel, Ellie Parker,
    Chronicals of Narnia, King Kong (2005), Six Feet Under S5, Huff Season 1 and
    Magnum: Season 4, Capote. Keane, Bukowski: Born into This, A History of
    Violence, Good Night, and Good Luck, Prime, Walk the Line and Harry Potter
    and the Goblet of Fire. Updates to the DVD database, including release
    specifications usually made twice daily.

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    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, May 30, 2006
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