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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Doug MacLean, Jan 29, 2004.

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    Some new announcements from Paramount. While some of the technical
    specifications have not been formalized the studio has an excellent track
    record here. The reps have indicated that most of the new release batch will
    be in anamorphic widescreen. Included in this announcement were; Our
    America, Fat Man & Little Boy, The Molly MaGuires and My Side Of The
    Mountain. All are set for release on April 19th with a list price of $14.95.

    On May 25th Paramount will release two television movies featuring the Brady
    Bunch. Brady Bunch In The White House and Growing Up Brady will be available
    for $24.95 or you can opt for the two pack available on that date for

    Columbia/TriStar has a few films ready for release on April 6th. Included
    are City Of Joy, The Dresser, Passionada and Sylvester.

    Woodhaven will release a number of foreign language flick, mostly in Spanish
    and Italian. On February 27th they have Diamantes Colombianos, El Senor De
    Sinaloa, El Ultimo De La Texana X, Emboscada De Federales and Venganza De Un
    Terrorista. They list for $14.95. On march 19th there are 80 Kilos Suicidas,
    Africa Blood & Guts (Africa addio), Ah Que Kiko #1, Ah Que Kiko #2 and Ah
    Que Kiko #3, also for $14.95 each. Also on March 19th but listing for $9.98
    are Mondo Cane, Mondo Cane 2 (apparently not as well mastered as the former
    Blue Underground versions), Mondo Magic, Of The Dead (Des Mort) and Slave
    Trade In The World Today (La Schiave Esistono Ancora).

    For some of the older DVD collectors, you might remember the early 50's
    sit-com, I Married Joan. Volume one of this series will be released by VCI
    on February 24th for $14.95. Also on that date is Red Ryder Double Feature

    Ventura has the prequel to Bonanza, Ponderosa: Season 1 Vol. 1 set for
    release on April 13th. The suggested list price was given as $34.95.

    For rock guitar wanabees Music Video Distributors has a number of new
    releases announced. Andy Aledorf: B.B. King - Step-By-Step Breakdown, ,
    Larry Carlton: Instructional DVD For Guitar and Dave Rubin: 12 Bar Blues For
    Guitar are due out on February 24th. For the more ambious they also have
    Dave Navarro: Instructional DVD For Guitar (Carmen Electra not included) or
    Ted Nugent: Instructional DVD For Guitar (no bow and arrow required) also on
    February 24th for $19.95 each.

    Also from Music Video are Naked Hip Hop, Reggae Bashment and Mardi Gras The
    Movie 2: Raw on February 17th. On February 24th they have Mike Stern: LIVE
    At The 55 Bar In New York. March 9th brings Fairport Convention: Live
    Legends and Steel Pulse: Live Legends. Andy Cooper: Hot Jazz Festival and
    Terence Trent D'Arby: In Concert - Ohne Filter are set for March 23rd.
    Guitar Legends drops on March 30th and Hip-Hop Time Capsule: 1992 follows on
    April 13th.

    If you are not satisfied with the near constant television exposure of
    Michael Jackson, Music Video has Michael Jackson: The Real Michael Jackson
    being released on March 2nd for $19.98.

    Classic Rock Legends will release Uriah Heep: Magic Night / Magician's
    Birthday and Emerson, Lake And Palmer: Masters From The Vault on February
    17th for $23.98 each.

    Stop by for a complete downloadable information list of all region one DVDs
    in several formats as well as daily changes. The official list now features
    38,168 titles with 185 additions or changes and 370 Pre-Release
    announcements. The All Titles list has 38,538 titles. Recent releases
    include: Last Week 221, This Week 277 and Next Week 227 titles.

    Previews of Lost in Translation, Mona Lisa Smile, Wonderland and Texas
    Chainsaw Massacre (2003). Recent reviews include Thirteen, Underworld,
    Seabiscuit, Family Business, Firefly, Taken, Cabin Fever and The Shield:
    Season 2. Classic reviews include 12 Angry Men, the Barbarians (History
    Channel) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Bedford Incident and Them. Coming
    titles listed before all the specs are in can be found in a new list,

    Updated lists for discontinued, cancelled, postponed and rescheduled titles
    as well as lists for DTS, ES/EX and Superbit titles. UPC numbers and
    original release dates now being added to the database. There is also a
    greatly expanded list of titles that were rescheduled or reissued. Search
    function for the database, (now including UPC search) complements of site
    partner and friend, Michael's Movie Mayhem and

    Updates to the DVD database, including release specs usually made twice

    Please stop by and visit.
    Thank you.

    Doug MacLean
    Doug MacLean, Jan 29, 2004
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