New releases: Black Donnellys, Meet The Robinsons & Masters Of Horror: Season 1: Updated complete do

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    A number of new announcements from Anchor Bay.
    August 28th:
    Beyond Belief: Season 1
    Masters Of Horror: Season 1, Box Set: The Complete Season

    September 4th:
    10 Min Solution: Slim & Sculpt Pilates
    Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride: Hunter S. Thompson On Film
    Crunch: Belly, Butt, Thighs
    Crunch: Cardio Go-Go Dance
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Halloween Adventures W/Toy
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Thomas' Halloween Adventures Unholy
    Yoga Booty Ballet: AM Latte / Goddess Abs

    September 11th:
    Ever Again
    I Have Never Forgotten You: The Life & Legacy Of Simon Wiesenthal
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Thomas And The Toy Workshop
    Thomas (The Tank Engine) & Friends: Thomas And The Toy Workshop W/Toy

    September 18th:
    Masters Of Horror: Brad Anderson: Sounds Like
    Masters Of Horror: Peter Medak: The Washingtonians

    September 25th:

    BBC Home Video has Waking The Dead (2000): The Complete Season 2 for release
    on October 16th listing for $34.98.

    Brentwood has a couple of added announcements.
    August 14th:
    Welcome To The Grindhouse Double Feature, Vol. 3: The Bodyguard (1974) /
    Sister Street

    August 21st:
    Exorcism (1975)
    Night Of The Sorcerers (La Noche De Los Brujos)

    Meet The Robinsons will be released by Buena Vista on October 23rd both in
    DVD and Blu ray formats.

    HBO has the comedy special D.L. Hughley: Unapologetic set for release on
    September 25th.

    Announced by Kultur for release on August 25th:
    Double Life Of Franz Schubert: An Exploration Of His Life And Work
    Elgar's Tenth Muse: The Life Of An English Composer
    Friedrich Gulda: Mozart No End & The Paradise Band
    Highlights Of The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Vol. 1: Tamara Lund / Nicolo
    Highlights Of The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Vol. 2: Werner Hollweg / Sona
    Highlights Of The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Vol. 3: Sylvia Geszty / Adolf
    Highlights Of The Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Vol. 4: Werner Hollweg / Helen
    History Of Western Art
    Joanna's Flower Power: Flower Design
    Mozart: The Magic Flute: Yvonne Kenny / Richard Bonynge / Donald Shank: The
    Australian Opera
    Smetana: The Moldau / Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite: Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
    Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin: The Classic Motion Picture With The Bolshoi
    Opera: Vadim Medvedev
    Tchaikovsky: The Queen Of Spades: The Classic Motion Picture With The
    Bolshoi Opera: Oleg Strizhenov
    Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty: The Classic Motion Picture With The Kirov
    Ballet: Alla Sizova / Natalia Dudinskaya
    Verdi: The Pursuit And Burden Of Success

    Lion's Gate will make a few releases set for September 11th:
    Case For Christ
    Jean Luc Godard Box Set
    Max Lucado: 3:16
    Pirates Of Ghost Island

    September 4th will bring some martial arts and other flicks care of Manga
    Appleseed (1988/ Essence Of Anime Edition)
    Blood: The Last Vampire (Essence Of Anime Edition)
    Ghost In The Shell (Manga Entertainment/ Essence Of Anime Edition)
    Karas #1: Tactics (Essence Of Anime)
    Ninja Scroll (Manga Entertainment/ Essence Of Anime Edition)
    Perfect Blue (Essence Of Anime Edition)
    R.O.D.: Read Or Die (Essence Of Anime Edition)
    Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie (Essence Of Anime Edition)
    Girls Gone Wild: Behind Closed Doors
    Girls Gone Wild: Wildest Bar In America

    Announced by MPI for release on September 25th:
    George Carlin: All My Stuff (14-Disc): On Location With George Carlin /
    George Carlin Again! / Carlin At Carnegie / ...
    Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Granada Television Series (12-Disc):
    Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (1985) / Return Of ... / ...

    Coming up from Paramount.
    August 7th:

    September 25th:
    Jack Ryan Special Edition DVD Collection (Blu-ray): : Hunt For Red October /
    Patriot Games / Clear And Present Danger / ...
    Jack Ryan Special Edition DVD Collection (HD-DVD): : Hunt For Red October /
    Patriot Games / Clear And Present Danger / ...

    October 2nd:
    Top Gun (1986/ Widescreen/ Blu-ray)
    Top Gun (1986/ Widescreen/ HD-DVD)

    Announced by Universal for release on September 4th:
    Black Donnellys: The Complete Series
    Real Housewives Of Orange County: Season 1

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    Thank you.
    Doug MacLean, Jun 26, 2007
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