New Plusnet offer

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by David, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. David

    David Guest

    David, Nov 12, 2014
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  2. David

    Mark Guest

    I use Fibre. But then my phone line is several miles of wet string.
    I think it's called a loss-leader. I am not convinced it's a good
    idea though. It relies on loads of people switching and then staying
    with PN. However the kind of people who switch due to this kind of
    offer are likely to leave again for the next cheapest offer.
    Mark, Nov 12, 2014
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  3. David

    chris Guest

    Plus it potentially floods their network infrastructure as well as
    support teams.

    If all goes smoothly that's fine, but somewhat sticks in the throat for
    us long-standing customers who never get access to these deals if it
    goes badly and we have to deal with reduced quality of service.
    chris, Nov 12, 2014
  4. David

    Mark Guest

    Quite. And the support teams were overloaded not long ago.
    IIRC PN will allow existing customers to access these deals, although
    you would be committed to a new 12/18 month contract.
    Mark, Nov 12, 2014
  5. David

    chris Guest

    Really? That's not what it says on the website: 'new customers only' etc.

    I'll be with them for the conceivable future, so signing up for another
    12/18 months isn't a problem.
    chris, Nov 13, 2014
  6. David

    Derek F Guest

    Derek F, Nov 13, 2014
  7. David

    Derek F Guest

    Plusnet are now my third ISP in a year.
    Left o2 for Sky December 2013 and now to plusnet.
    Where next?
    Derek F, Nov 13, 2014
  8. David

    Derek F Guest

    As with banks. The new customers get the better rates.
    Derek F, Nov 13, 2014
  9. David

    Davey Guest

    Davey, Nov 13, 2014
  10. David

    Woody Guest

    or A&A - at least according to this group (I'm on cable!)
    Woody, Nov 13, 2014
  11. David

    Old Codger Guest



    Old Codger
    e-mail use reply to field

    What matters in politics is not what happens, but what you can make
    people believe has happened. [Janet Daley 27/8/2003]
    Old Codger, Nov 13, 2014
  12. David

    PeeGee Guest

    Ring the "customer options" team (residential cancellations under
    "contact us"). At the time, a few weeks ago, I got a better deal than
    new customers, but spread over 24 months.


    "Nothing should be able to load itself onto a computer without the
    knowledge or consent of the computer user. Software should also be able
    to be removed from a computer easily."
    Peter Cullen, Microsoft Chief Privacy Strategist (Computing 18 Aug 05)
    PeeGee, Nov 14, 2014
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