new pc crashes all the time, need trouble shooting help.

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Diehard, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    just built this pc last night and all it does is crash.

    MSI 865PE Neo2 series. 6728
    Retail P4 2.4c ghz
    1gb ddr 2700 ram. 1 is from newegg the other from crucial, both look
    identicle though the stickers on them. i ordered a while ago 512mb ddr from
    crucial and i told their system config pull down menues what pc i had. i
    said sony Vaio RS series. cus thats what i was buying it for at the time. i
    got the ram and kept it for use in this new pc. the ram from newegg is
    identicle tho, so i am guessing it's just standard ddr 2700 ram from
    crucial. so i have 1 stick from newegg 512mb ddr pc2700 that was $75. one
    stick from crucial for $76 and it's the same except in the pull down menu i
    said i had the sony pc.

    sony 510 dvdrw on ide1
    BFG 128mb Asylum GF 5700 Ultra card. I had in my own pc for a few days and
    it seemed ok cept made the mouse jerky, now that I'm back to using my
    leadtek GF3 card the mouse is fine again. No crashing tho in my pc.

    maxtor ata133 7200 rpm 8mb cache on ata100 IDE2.

    I installed windows xp pro fine and updated to DX9. installed some demoes
    from their 3d mark 2001 SE and 03. I installed sandra
    benchmark 2004 version. and i downloaded this burn in test app. install went

    When I run 3dmark 03 and click on demo it will run through the games it has
    and crashed the first time i ran it. within 3 minutes of the demo. it
    crashed on the first game demo with all the planes. music and sounds were
    still going normally, but the video totally froze and i had to hit the reset
    button on my pc. i ran 3d mark 2001 SE without any issues. I ran 3dmark 03
    benchmark and it ran ok giving me a scroe, i ran it twice. i run sandra 2004
    and clicked on the full test so it would go through the full tests and it
    totally crashed HARD. screen went blank and it just sat there doing nothing
    for a minute then i hti the keyboard space bar a couple times and it finally
    restarted. then windows said it recovered from a serious hardware crash.
    device is what caused it i think it said. so i opened sandra 2004 again and
    ran a couple tests manually. when i got to the cpu i said refresh or
    benchmark or whatever and it drew this one image then locked on me totally
    hard and i had ot hit the reset button. i ran a game battlefield 1942 and
    the first time i ran it my pc crashed again. i had to hit the reset button
    on my case. then one time i think i was just using windows and it crashed. i
    forget tho if this happened or not. maybe it only crashed when i was using
    an app like the benchmark ones or game, but it might have crashed just using
    the pc normally, i forget though.

    So, what do you guys think is the problem here? and what should i do to
    trouble shoot it ? i only have like a couple days or something to return the
    cpu to newegg and ram etc. crucial does have 30 days of course plus a
    lifetime warranty. could the problem be the mis matched ram? but they look
    the same to me. being the one from crucial when i ordered it i said sony
    vaio RS pc, and from newegg just ddr 2700 crucal . the stickers look
    identicle tho, i didn't check all the text on the stickers, but what i did
    read looks the same.

    i can use memtest86 to test the ram, but when i had bad ram in the past, i
    knew it was bad cus i couldn't install windows with it, memtest said it was
    fine. so i am not sure i trust that app. what should i do now?
    Diehard, Jan 9, 2004
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  2. Diehard

    Night_Seer Guest

    Try a different video you said that one was working all funny
    Night_Seer, Jan 9, 2004
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  3. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    Well i can use my leadtek, my own ram, so i have something to start with at
    least. but cpu i can't lol. i also am running this burn in test and then
    will make a cd of memtest and run it.
    Diehard, Jan 9, 2004
  4. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    well ok, i just ran sandra 2004 burn in wizard, it ran for a bit, then i
    came back to the pc to see it rebooting. when it booted the windows error
    reporting window was open saying the problem was caused by the GF 5700 Ultra
    nvidia display drivers and suggested to download the newest. i already am
    using the new drivers i just installed the latest one last night. now on my
    other older pc when i installed this card it made my mouse jerk. when i un
    installed the card and put back in my own leadtek GF3 card the problem went
    away. it might be 3D issues because the 3d mark 03 crashed as did
    battlefield 1942. on the enw pc.
    Diehard, Jan 9, 2004
  5. Diehard

    philo Guest

    Try underclocking or setting the bios to it's minimum default option.

    if your system stabalizes, you can start tweaking one step at a time.
    philo, Jan 9, 2004
  6. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    Ok, I put in my leadtek GF3 64mb card and ran 3d mark 03 again. i did demo,
    so it play the demo not a benchmark, but just to show off. it did not crash.
    it crashed in the first few minutes of the plane demo with the BFG 5700
    ultra, but my GF3 card from my pc did not crash, i let it go a few more
    minutes and no crash. then i just ran sandra 2004, same settings, 10 times,
    high priority, but i turned off the screen saver for windows. before it was
    on and would go to the log in screen with the 5700 card in. now i turned it
    off. so far it aint crashed yet either. so i am wondering now, thinking now
    it's the video card as the problem. if so, then now im in a tough spot cus i
    need a better vidoe card and for about $230 or so, I have no idea what to
    get. something a bit more powerfull then the 5700 ultra would be nice. i
    hear bad things about ati drivers and the 5700 ultra from reviews i have
    read said it beats the ati radeon 9600 pro in a lot of stuff like Wolf ET,
    call of duty etc. open gl i guess. but then i hear bad things about nvidia
    5900 how loud it is and the leadtek ones are so huge and someone said very
    loud and flimsy design. and that the later nvidia drivers are kind of bad
    too or something. however when i put in my GF3 card, i didn't change the
    video drivers at all. it just saw the card for what it was, then i ran
    3dmark 03 and now sandra 2004 burn in benchmark testing thing. ati cards are
    to much $ on newegg for 9600 cards and i don't want another brand like a
    third party, if i bought a radeon card it would be ati. not powercolor or
    saphire or what not. and if i got a GF card it would be MSI or Leadtek more
    then likely. and MSI made my motherboard also, so i think maybe they'd be a
    good match. i just ddn't want something like the MSI 5900 being loud. Also I
    don't really know the performance on the 5900 cards.
    Diehard, Jan 9, 2004
  7. Diehard

    DeMoN LaG Guest

    Obviously you can try using one stick at a time and rule out mismatched
    memory. If the machine is failing while under heavy load, I would bet the
    farm that either you have a cheap power supply or the machine is

    AIM: FrznFoodClerk
    email: [email protected] (_ = m)
    website: under construction
    Need a technician in the south Jersey area?
    email/IM for rates/services
    DeMoN LaG, Jan 10, 2004
  8. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    if you guys look at previous messages in this thread, if you have them,
    you'll see the problem is resolved because the issue was the video card. i
    put in my own GF3 card and no issues, so i took back the BFG and got a
    refund, then ordered online a radeon 9700 pro.
    Diehard, Jan 10, 2004
  9. Diehard

    Dan T Guest

    duno, too long post to bother reading, looks like u got it all sorted though
    which is good.
    Dan T, Jan 11, 2004
  10. Diehard

    Night_Seer Guest

    Well looks like you figured it out...that 9700 should be very good for a
    while, it has DX9, and is probably the most power for your money. Good
    Night_Seer, Jan 12, 2004
  11. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    I got the pc stable so far, :) lucky me. it's been running ok lately.
    Diehard, Jan 12, 2004
  12. Diehard

    Night_Seer Guest go check out, where we have a
    great group of people to play with...also check out if
    you like to play without idiots running all over the place and ruining
    it for everyone :).
    Night_Seer, Jan 12, 2004
  13. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    Yeah cus i play that game a lot the desert storm mod. i play single player
    only tho cus online everyone just does anything they want and it's soo not
    fun!! single player is ok, but still everyone does whatever, lol.
    Diehard, Jan 13, 2004
  14. Diehard

    Night_Seer Guest

    That's why I said to check out the website ( we have
    our own servers, and we don't allow everyone to do whatever they want.
    I'm an admin on our servers, and I spend a lot of time kicking stupid
    morons so that everyone else can have a good time. We have a BF1942
    server, and a DC server. All the info is ont he website...check it out
    if your interested...sure beats playing against bots.
    Night_Seer, Jan 13, 2004
  15. Diehard

    Diehard Guest

    Yeah it does. Hey, do you have any suggestions how i can fly planes and
    helicoptors? i always crash the coptors, i can only get them in the air, but
    i can't move them with my mouse, i only fall to the ground or go in circles,
    lol. and i dunno how to fly planes good cus i always crash. i can't shoot no
    one on the ground. I'll check the site out, i think i already bookmarked
    Diehard, Jan 14, 2004
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