new isp, two routers now...

Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by revek, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. revek

    revek Guest

    my original setup was isp (sat modem) to netgear router w/wireless
    capabilites and computer hooked up thru the router-- i needed this because
    my retired in-laws are keeping in contact with the family thru my internet
    connection and they're across the street from me.

    oh great day, dsl finally came to my neck of the woods and now i have an
    extra layer. my network is set up this way now isp modem/router (bec
    7402tm) w/fixed address (no wan capability), neatgear router (mr814v2),

    all i had to do was set a fixed address in the netgear router. turning off
    dhcp in the neatgear only affects whether the comptuers (wired and wan) need
    to have an address applied. the subnet is 192.168.0.x, standard with this
    netgear model.

    problem is i can't acess the isp's router (default address at
    all, even if i change the netgear's to 192.168.1.x

    the setup works otherwise. i need to get into the guts of this router
    because my stated speed is 3MB connection and im only getting 812K on the
    speed tests, and i want to make sure the setting on this router are correct.

    please point me in the right direction oh great and wise router wizzards.
    revek, Jul 4, 2008
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  2. revek

    Ed Mullen Guest

    What do you mean no WAN capability? Do you mean wireless?
    Subnet??? Really? That sounds odd. The subnet in the BEC is: - if you really do have the Netgear on a different subnet
    I'm suprised /anything/ works.
    You might start by getting the manual:

    Also, have you tried plugging your PC directly into the BEC router? You
    should power down the PC, change the cable and then power back on.
    Ed Mullen, Jul 4, 2008
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  3. revek

    revek Guest

    sorry yes. no wireless.

    i meant internal lan address scheme. i.e.192.168.x.x. i *am sorry for the
    confusion. i've been banging my head against the wall now for hours-- it's
    disruppted my communication skills.

    already have. info in the manual assumes dynamic addressing, and only the
    isp set me up with a static one.

    i have no idea what the isp might have done with the router in the setup,
    but as it came right out of a box and the installers just hooked everything
    together and everything was copacetic, i'm assuming at this moment the
    factory default settings still apply.

    bec router/modem (isp) default router address page-

    isp info input into netgear router -
    basic setting section

    static address 208.126.87

    dns servers,

    lan ip setup page
    ip address
    ip subnet
    rip direction none
    rip ver disabled
    use router as dhcp server yes
    starting ip address

    local area connection on my computer


    have a laptop that i did just that with (used the static ip setup). not
    recieving packets. i've checked the cabling.

    any suggestions?
    revek, Jul 4, 2008
  4. revek

    Ed Mullen Guest

    As I re-read your OP, all of this seems to be predicated on your slow
    connect speed, yes? How did you test? Did the technician test during
    install? What speed did he get? Have you contacted your ISP?

    Remember, your service contract /probably/ says you will get speeds "up
    to" a certain level. I don't know of any major ISP that /guarantees/
    max speed. Further, DSL performance is affected greatly by your
    distance from the switching center so it may not be at all possible for
    you to attain the maximum speed.

    Why did you input anything into the Netgear router? You should be able
    to simply connect the Netgear into the BEC. The BEC is the gateway
    device. I'd reset the Netgear

    If you still need to pursue this, I'd try this:

    1. Reset the Netgear to factory defaults using the reset procedure in
    the manual.

    2. Turn everything off. Turn on the BEC and let it sync with the DSL

    3. Turn on the Netgear and let it stabilize.

    4. Turn on your PC connected to the Netgear. It should get an IP
    address from the Netgear router.

    5. Access the Internet. Ok?

    6. Try to access the BEC configuration page.

    Also, I suppose it is /possible/ that the version of the BEC
    router/modem is custom configured for your ISP and may have the config
    page locked out. This is one reason I own my cable modem and LAN gear:
    I want to make sure I can troubleshoot things without any mystery
    Ed Mullen, Jul 4, 2008
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