New independent Yahoo! Group for users of Intuit Track-It!

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Grant Robertson, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. This is an independent forum for the discussion of Intuit's Track-
    It! Help desk software. I am not an employee or agent of Intuit in
    any way. My company just bought the software the other day and I
    couldn't find an independent discussion group so I decided to start
    my own.

    For now, the group is unmoderated and anyone can post, but if it
    starts being abused by either spammers or flamers then I will impose
    restrictions as necessary.

    Feel free to post any comments you like as long as they are on-topic
    and polite. No personal attacks or flames will be allowed. Nor do I
    want to see long threads about how Intuit sucks or anything like
    that. If your satisfaction with the product is so low that you feel
    you must post these types of messages then just stop using the
    product. All programs as involved as this one are bound to have
    their quirks. Please discuss those quirks or any bugs in a polite
    and helpful manner.

    There also must be lots of tricks that people have figured out that
    will be helpful to all the other users out there. Please let us in
    on anything you have figured out. I will ask that you not violate
    any Intuit copyrights. Any information that is only available
    through special classes should not be reposted here.

    Intuit personnel are allowed to post here as long as they identify
    themselves as such. But remember, this list is not owned or
    controlled by Intuit so don't expect that they will always reply to
    your posts. Heck, they may decide to simply ignore this whole group.
    That is their prerogative. Hopefully, we can build a strong and
    helpful community here that will invite their participation.

    To join the group go to
    Grant Robertson, Sep 22, 2003
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