New Google Owner agrees to use google for spelling purposes

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by kevin, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. kevin

    kevin Guest

    Captain Kirk eliminated off the island.

    MSN Cash Google Credit?
    - With all the bullshit in the news lately, if you believe that google
    can afford to buy a cup of coffee then your a genuine idiot. With
    nothing in the Coffers googles smoke screen of all the projects and 5
    morons riding exercise equipment in the building how can you do
    anything except laugh..
    brokers Billionaire showdown eliminates Captain Kirk and takes out the
    Fed Right out of the picture signalling a solution to lack of a 10-k
    filing. Fact is we are broke..... Bankruptcy is in the near future for
    google with all the impending lawsuits and lack of " Real "
    advertisers. As the fed signals disgust with google time to jump
    ship. Either way I am telling you how it is, why would you want to
    invest in a company that is un-profitable? Every Jew Alive knows if
    you give a dollar and make more its blessed thou are and righteous in
    what your doing. I am not picking faiths here I just want a jew to do
    my happy dance.

    Why do I hate google? Hate is a strong word, I don't hate google, I
    had many trys at trying to make google profitable and I failed every
    attempt. Lack of real advertisers, honest people working for them and
    a honest click calculating system.

    Finally the truth is out there........

    Now google can't.... shelter money, time to sink or swim, float like a
    butterfly and sting like a bee, be a pig about what you take the time
    to help strength what yahoo and msn are doing. Amazon isn't going to
    carry the bills google is fronting baby ,,, get out while you can
    baby, comcast did it, you can too.
    kevin, Mar 19, 2007
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