New computer - trying to transfer files from old one

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by jj, Oct 24, 2003.

  1. jj

    jj Guest

    I have a new Dell Dimesion running xp and am trying to transfer my files
    from an old Dimension. To do this I have connected both computer via their
    ethernet cards.

    But I don't seem to be able to get peer to peer working.

    Is there a web page somewhere that will take me through this step by step?

    jj, Oct 24, 2003
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  2. jj

    Vulpine Guest

    you need a crossover cable
    then set the two computers to dhcp and same workgroup
    simplest way :)
    Vulpine, Oct 24, 2003
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  3. jj

    MJP Guest

    Put your old drive in your new computer as a primary slave or secondary
    drive and copy from there.

    MJP, Oct 24, 2003
  4. jj

    Vulpine Guest

    yes they can do it that way and take advantage of the extra space but it
    would void the warranty on the new computer
    Vulpine, Oct 24, 2003
  5. jj

    why? Guest

    Yes, and

    See your other reply regarding crossover cable.

    why?, Oct 24, 2003
  6. jj

    Meat-Plow Guest

    Need a crossover ethernet cable and use XP's file and settings transfer
    Meat-Plow, Oct 25, 2003
  7. jj

    Barry OGrady Guest

    Have you used a crossover cable?

    Web page:
    Atheist, radio scanner, LIPD information.
    Voicemail/fax number +14136227640
    Barry OGrady, Oct 26, 2003
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