New computer - how to transfer old system across?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Bazzer Smith

    kony Guest

    Yes, a network adapter is about $5 (actually free for me, I
    have plenty of 100Mb adapters lying around after upgrading
    most of my lan to 1Gb. Having any system on which you
    create and share data, or want internt access, be easily
    connected, is worth the cost of a basic network adapter

    Did you look around for deals on any?
    I have backup routers that are new-in-box that I picked up
    for about $10. If price is an issue, look for a deal on

    Ok, nobody is forcing you to have a LAN. I was only
    suggesting the best arrangement for 2 or more systems. Even
    so, you would still have more security on one system by
    having it behind a router rather than direct modem
    kony, Apr 26, 2006
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  2. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    I think I can get a card for £5

    I assume utwill work in my mobo

    Looks like I am looking at £30 (~$50) for a router from a similar shop.

    I may try to do something with a crossover cable first before I spend
    that kind of money, I only have one monitor at the moment anyway.

    This looks lilke it could be useful
    "Primarily used for straightforward networking of two PCs. Simply connect
    the LAN ports of two PCs or laptops with a cross-over cable to create a
    with no additional hub required"
    So I could connect then for £10 in total

    I would also have to look at compatability considerationsifI switch from
    cable to ADSL. Cables&ModuleNo=47616&doy=27m4

    I am not entirely convnced it is more secure myself, there is still
    a path through to your PC, afterall I am behind a 'sophisticated'
    ISP and if thay can't protect me then who can?
    Maybe they can't afford a router either :O) ?
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 27, 2006
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  3. Bazzer Smith

    kony Guest

    Yes, your board has 3 PCI slots.

    I don't know the UK market, but in the US they are always
    cheaper. If you have weekend newspaper ads you might find
    something in them, or perhaps ebay?

    You can indeed use a crossover cable for peer 2 peer, or if
    you didn't have the crossover cable yet, you could buy a
    Gigabit network adapter as they have auto sensing (part of
    the spec for GbE) and will work in peer 2 peer with a
    straight rather than crossover cable. The 'site you linked
    had one Gigabit card but it looked overpriced... at least
    here in the US we can get a generic PCI gigabit card for $15
    delivered, maybe even less today.

    The typical modern routers will work fine with either ADSL
    or cable modems. You would not need a crossover cable for
    one either, and some also come with a (fairly short, perhaps
    2 to 4 meters is average length) cable.

    You still have a learning curve, about routers, and Windows,
    before you will understand.

    The ISP does not protect you from much of anything. They
    pass all traffic with rare exceptions. Their router(s) does
    not protect you at all. Your router is another matter, it
    can and does control access to and from your lan and
    prevents any open windows ports (or some 3rd party malware)
    from having open communications. You would do well to
    educate yourself a bit more about routers and Windows
    flaws/vulnerabilities/etc before jumping to conclusions. It
    IS the preferred choice by experienced users and security
    experts alike.
    kony, Apr 27, 2006
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