New computer - how to transfer old system across?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Hi all,
    I am getting a new computer :O)
    However I am not to sure how to transfer my old system onto
    the new system.
    My old system is W98 the new one will be windowsXP.

    The first problem I would like to address is how to connect
    to the internet with the new system (so I can ask for more help!!)
    I am with NTL and on a cable modem and I assume it is more
    of a case of just plugging the new computer into the modem!

    I was thinking of installing my old harddrive as a slave on the
    new system (or maybe as a master??) to get me started.
    But it seems I could run into all sorts of problems alonog the way.
    Can anyone give me any advice here?

    I was thinking I could just put my old drive in the new system (as master)
    to immediately benefit from the increased speed but I feel sure
    I would run into loads of problems (All the drivers would be wrong??).

    Anyway I would really appreciate some help here, I am sure a lot of
    you have had to deal with a similar situation in the past so I would
    be glad of any advice.

    To be honest it sounds like a bit of a nightmare of a problem!!!!


    PS. Both systems probably will have came pre-installed with out
    too much of the original installation disks etc...
    Obviously I can transfer data across on CD's.
    It seems like a mammoth to me at the mooment!!!
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006
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  2. Bazzer Smith

    philo Guest


    install the old drive as slave, then copy over any data you need.

    you will need to reinstall any apps you need also
    philo, Apr 22, 2006
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  3. What I most want to knowhow to do is get my internet access up and running.
    I would have no probs if it was a dial up connection but it is a cable modem
    and I am not sure how to proceed.
    I needed help the first time cos the installation disk was a big dodgy
    (could not
    read all of it).

    Basically I am unsure how the cable modem works regarding 'logging in'
    because obviously you don't have to log in it is sort of done automaticaly
    Would appreciate some help in this area. Thanks.
    Emperor's New Widescreen, Apr 22, 2006
  4. Bazzer Smith

    kony Guest

    Do you have a router? It is advisable, for security as well
    as multi-pc internet access capability.

    With one, set up and working already, a fresh clean windows
    install will already work, have access through the router
    with zero config except some trivial thing lke answering the
    popup wizard that asks if you have an existing network to

    If a usb modem connection instead, plug in modem and if it
    doesn't work, install modem driver, isp soft from their cd.

    Get the router though if you haven't already, one with wifi
    capability can be had cheap and be quite better than none at
    kony, Apr 22, 2006
  5. Bazzer Smith

    Dave Guest

    If the NTL cable modem is like the one I had you just plug in into the
    ethernet port and it is pretty much pre set up.
    Dave, Apr 22, 2006
  6. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Will give it a go.
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006
  7. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Only have the modem NTL gave me.
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006
  8. Boscoe Pertwee, Apr 22, 2006
  9. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    It's OK I am up and running on my new computer :O)

    Turned out to be easier than I though it would, just a case of
    sticking the original disk in really (not even sure if I needed to do

    Seemed to be a lot easier than when I originally set it up
    (but my old compputer had problems reading all of the
    original disk). Also I plugged the modem into my new
    computer after it had booted up, I don't think my old
    computer would have liked that (IIRC eiether plugging
    or unplugging it whilst running cause a lock up).

    Anyways I am up and running on my new computer
    which is great!!
    I have made as quantum leap from a Cyrix MII 300
    to a 939 pin Sempron (gonna need a software
    prog to find out more about it, but I can't remember the
    name!!). I have probably also made and even bigger leap
    in the ammount of resources the operating system uses too!!
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006
  10. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Thanks to everyone who replied, it was less trouble than
    I thought and I am now up and running!!
    I have got the connection running with internet access,
    mail news etc but most of the stuff is on my old computer
    still, I will probably just download from the net the stuff
    I need and make a 'fresh start', I will transfer the data
    on CD I think cos I don't want to start poking around in
    my new computer just yet!!!

    Just found the DVD drive wont seem to read CD's
    I make, so I will maybe but CD drive into new machiine
    or use one of my old hard drives to transfer the stuff.
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 22, 2006
  11. Bazzer Smith

    DaveW Guest

    The CORRECT and headache avoiding way to do it is to take the time to forget
    your Win 98 installation and do a fresh install of XP and your software
    programs, and then transfer your old data over from backup CD's.
    Yes it looks like a lot of time spent, but I assure you that the amount of
    time you would spend trouble shooting your system if you started by using
    your old Win 98 would be horrendous.
    DaveW, Apr 23, 2006
  12. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    I have done that effectively, I am using the new machine with it's
    fresh installl of XP and have configured my internet, mail and
    news accounts on it (so far).
    However I do have a bit of a problem with CDs as the new machine
    won't read any new CD's I make (will read some older ones though),
    seems to depend on the brand. So I am thinking of putting the old
    CD player/recorder in the new machine to see if that reads them.
    Another idea is to put my old drive in the new machine as a slave
    to get the drive data accross, I could also read the CD data onto my
    old drive and copy it across with it as a slave but that involves a lot of
    drive swopping.
    I just want to avoid buggering up my new machine within the first 24 hours!!
    I am a bit unfamiliar with XP (never used it before) so I am not too
    confident yet,
    but hopefully I will sort it all out eventually!!!
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 23, 2006
  13. Belarc advisor
    Freeware, 605kb, Windows XP

    Belarc Advisor scans your PC and displays, in an easy to understand
    web-page format, the minutest details about your PC and all of the programs
    stored on it, including most licence and registration codes. Use it to take
    a 'snapshot' of your system while it is running smoothly?

    Boscoe Pertwee, Apr 23, 2006
  14. Bazzer Smith

    kony Guest

    Actually, NO.

    Leave BOTH systems alone, there is no new OS installation
    needed for this, except what was already planned for running
    the system day-to-day already.

    The best way to do it is with a router. That is, the
    typical dirt cheap routers available anywhere that have
    integral switch. Modem connected to router, both systems
    networked through the router to the modem and each other,
    and the files from the old system shared to the new. It is
    much easier, much faster, and is the "correct way".

    You have no clue about troubleshooting Win98. Win98 works
    fine within it's limits. IF the use of the system doesnt'
    exceed those limits, there is the same important criteria as
    with XP, to have stable drivers and stable software. It's
    funny how when XP came along everyone started thinking it
    was so much more stable but the truth is, the drivers and
    software became more stable for both OS. If you have a bad
    driver or software for XP, XP can't magically cure your
    problem, you still have to get a better driver.
    Unfortunately too many people just thought "oh that's
    Win9x", it isn't stable. Wrong! Win9x can't handle faults
    well, but choosing XP to handle faults instead of removing
    the source of the faults is incredibly misguided.

    Not that there's anything wrong with XP, as a whole it is a
    lot better OS, though not needed for all the urban myth
    reasons so many people cite rather than the real differences
    inherant to each by design.
    kony, Apr 23, 2006
  15. Bazzer Smith

    bambam Guest

    Have a look at this program-

    System Information for Windows

    Freeware, no install, bloody good. :)
    bambam, Apr 23, 2006
  16. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    That sounds like the best way butI am unfamiliar with routers.
    Acually I am a bit surprised you cannot do something like
    just connect up two computers via a USB cable and send the
    data through that. It might require some software to comtrol the
    link but itis the kind of thing which sounds feasible to me.

    How much does a 'dirt cheap' router cost, what kind of figure
    did u have in mind? had a look on ebay and there was huge range
    on ebay. It looks like I am looking at about £20?

    It would be a handy thing to have as I have 2 computers now :O)
    but only one monitor so far!!
    I am using my CDRW drive to transfer data already on CD but I am
    having some probs, the CDRW seems to work much better in the old machine.
    In the new machine it only reads about 40% of the disks it reads when in
    the old machine for some reason. I found the DVDRW drive in the new
    machine will read some too. I can't get both to work at once (unsure of
    jumper settings) so I just use one as a master. I could try installing
    the software which came with the CD Drive but I fear I might screw up the
    DVD drive.
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 24, 2006
  17. Bazzer Smith

    kony Guest

    A router becomes the host "computer" which the typical ISP
    assigns a IP # to, so the router is the "computer" on the
    internet. Systems then make the internet requests and have
    been told the router is their gateway, that they send the
    requests to it, then the router does network address
    translation, to make the requests to and from internet look
    like they come from this router "computer".

    For the most part the modern operating systems are set up to
    use one already, the router comes out of it's retail box set
    to use DHCP, which means when the computers are connected,
    networked with cabling, they receive the information they
    need to use the router for internet access. With a new
    windows installation for example, at most the computer needs
    to be told to use the existing network for access instead of
    "creating a new account" (or however it's worded, I seldom
    read all those windows dialogs anymore).

    The router will need a minor bit of configuration too, but
    this is pretty basic and described in the owner's manual as
    well as several 'sites on the internet easily found with a
    Google search. They all set up pretty much the same except
    for special features which will also be described in the

    Why be surprised? That is, why would you assume you could?
    USB is a host-client protocol, not a peer-peer protocol, it
    was never meant to be able to do something like this as it's
    only target was a cheap easy way to connect peripherals.

    You can get what are essentially network adapters or bridges
    build with a USB cable on both ends, but it's just
    coincidence then that it's using USB to get the job done...
    and there is no need or good use for them if you already
    have the network adapters as that is exactly, precisely what
    the network adapter is designed to do, it's a misson
    specific designed piece of hardware to do this very thing.
    Why kludge something inferior together instead of doing it
    the best way? Even if you didn't have network adapters,
    they'd about $5 each if not free.

    In the US they've been free-after-rebate. You can spend up
    to $100 USD, even more for corporate and/or managed gear but
    for basic uses that's overkill, a typical price would be
    about $30 USD w/o rebate or $15 with rebates.

    Once you have them networked and using a router, you will
    never want to do it any other way. It's just that much
    better you will hate yourself for not having done it

    For transferring a lot of files, avoid wireless and just use
    wired CAT5 or CAT6 cables. Wireless is fine for internet
    access but even with the theoretical max bandwidth looks
    similar to wired ethernet, it's still significantly slower
    in actual use. However it is just as well to get a router
    that has the wireless features as that may not increase the
    cost of the router much if any, and then you have that
    feature should you ever need it, but if you don't need it
    now the feature is easily disabled.
    kony, Apr 24, 2006
  18. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Thamks I may well try that when i have time, I have some
    progs which will do similar but not all of those things (AIDA32)
    Which told me I have a 64 bit semperon with 128k L2 cache.
    Its on a 939 pin mobo too with 80gig 265meg and DVDRW.
    Which I though was a bargain for £279 (from Comet HP a1307 )
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 25, 2006
  19. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Well maybe so however essentially it is a data communications
    channel. As far as I can see all it would take is a software utility
    which would make one computer (the one you intend to send
    the data to) appear as a peripheral to the other computer.
    For example it might make it appear as a printer so you would
    'print' the files you intended to transfer across.

    Network adapter is a pretty vague term. It's not inferior if
    it does the same job. And if I could just download some
    software, connect the two computers via USB and transfer
    my file accross then thats all I need to do and I would
    be very happy with that. Such software would probably
    be freeware so it would be real easy. Would mean
    I don't have to go on a big learning currve learning about
    networking, network adapters etc...then going out and
    buy a nework adapter or buying one online and awaiting
    for it to arrive.

    Anyway it sounds like it can and has been done
    but I will need to look into it futher.

    Just had a look I and this might be the sort of thing
    but its not free :O|
    I will have to scour some 'free'ware sites

    I am unfamiliar with the term "free-after-rebate" although
    I have heard it quite a bit from people I presume are in the
    USA (I'm in the UK)
    Sounds like you get it free when you pay (over the odds)
    for something else?

    Well I will probably eventualy do it that way and I will
    look at doing that later. I am a bit concerned about security
    though with having the computer on a network (Although
    I am sure it is 'easy' to set it up securely).
    I would just like to get a load of CD's transfered onto DVD
    so I can throw the CDs away cos they take up a lot of
    space and generally hard to manage. (Can never find what I want!!).

    At the moment I am planning transfering data from CD onto
    a 2 gig drive then transfering that drive into the new computer
    and burning the DVD's from there. The new computer won't
    read a lot of the CD's, even with the old computers CD drive
    (which will read them) installed in it for some reason.

    I now have both the old comps hard drives copied onto the
    new computer but I had problems doing that cos Norton
    Antivirus kept aborting every time it found a 'virus' so I had to
    switch it off (twice). It kept deleting the 'viruses' too so I was
    worried the old computer might need those 'viruses' to work :O)
    Anyway I have reassembled my old computer and it still works
    (using it now) but I was only using its slave drive and it never
    deleted anyting off the master cos I had figured how to turn off
    Nortin anti-virus (completely as in twice) by then :O)
    Bazzer Smith, Apr 25, 2006
  20. Bazzer Smith

    Bazzer Smith Guest

    Bazzer Smith, Apr 25, 2006
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