New Certifications Are A Joke!

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. So, I've worked faithfully to earn my MCSA and MCDBA certifications and in a
    year they will be as meaningful as the IBM 360. The thing that suxs the most
    is that some newbie is going to come along and pass 2 exams and have the
    equivalent of what I did. The MCSE is SEVEN exams! Now that proves
    something. This new certification track is stupid and unfair.
    =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=, Jan 6, 2006
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  2. =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=

    T-Bone Guest

    Yep. Actually, the more frustrating part is that even MCSE has become such a
    joke that many companies are now requiring it for entry level positions.
    Which is why MS is changing the certification process for the next version
    of Windows.
    T-Bone, Jan 6, 2006
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  3. =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=

    J. Clarke Guest

    What 2 exams make one the "equivalent" of an MCSE? The exams for Vista,
    which is the first OS for which the new track will be in force, do not
    appear to have been announced.
    J. Clarke, Jan 6, 2006
  4. =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=

    JP Breton Guest

    Where did you see those info?
    JP Breton, Jan 6, 2006
  5. I'm referring to SQL Server. Was 4 exams, is now 2. Like a DBA doesn't need
    to know about design AND development. That's just the db side of it....a
    good dba knows the design and development of applications, dbs, and networks!
    =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=, Jan 6, 2006
  6. =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=

    JP Breton Guest

    If I understant correctly,

    To become a MCTS on SQL 2005
    you need to pass 1 exam.
    I think that MCTS is a little bit the equivalent to an MCP on SQL 2000, you
    need to pass 1 exam.

    Now, after that there is the MCITP : where you need to take
    3 exam to be certified only on Database Administrator

    If you want to acheive Database Developper (Developer) : you need to take
    different exam.

    I think that the new exam will be more focus on the product itself rather
    than a whole range of product.

    Remember that to acheive MCDBA on SQL 2000 you need to pass 4 exams, on
    those 2 exam, you can actually take any windows 2003 exam...

    JP Breton, Jan 6, 2006
  7. =?Utf-8?B?U0FN?=

    J. Clarke Guest

    It appears to have escaped your notice that there is a new level of cert
    that requires approximately fourteen exams and proof of relevant experience
    and an interview. The one that you're on about is part of the background
    required for the high level certs.
    J. Clarke, Jan 6, 2006
  8. right..I think the DB side is much improved now actually.

    DB: intel
    DB: Admin
    DB: Designer

    Where I think you guys got shafted in the past is that MCDBA to me implies
    Adminstration only but clearly the exams say otherwise.

    I think the new certs are better served for DB guys and I (MCAD) am
    currently looking to get the low level SQL becuase I am tired of interviews
    related to my SQL skills.
    =?Utf-8?B?U2Vhbg==?=, Jan 12, 2006
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