Networking to wireless network adaptor

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Scott Viney, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Scott Viney

    Scott Viney Guest

    Good afternoon,

    I have purchased a DLINK DI-524 Wireless router to be able to connect my
    laptop to the internet through my home computer. I have hooked it up and it
    works swell.

    I have some questions through about networking with it though. Dont want to
    start playing around with anything just in case it screws something up.

    1) Is it possible to use these components together as a network IE Can I
    copy files from my laptop wirelessly to the desktop and share the printer
    connected to the desktop. If so how do I go about this?

    2) Or do I have to use a network cable connected to my laptop and then to
    one of the ports on the back of the router?

    Thanks for any help,
    Scott V
    Scott Viney, Sep 22, 2005
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  2. Scott Viney

    Jack \(MVP\) Guest

    Wireless is a mere replacement to a wire, if you can use the Internet the Wireless work.
    Sharing files is Not related to Wireless but to the specific settings of each computer.
    Log to this page it has a lot of links to instructions to Windows Network Settings, and
    Jack (MVP-Networking).
    Jack \(MVP\), Sep 22, 2005
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  3. Scott Viney

    Scott Viney Guest

    Thanks Jack,

    Ill have a surf around and see if I can get it cranking.

    Scott Viney, Sep 22, 2005
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