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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Roy Norris, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Roy Norris

    Roy Norris Guest

    Hi All,

    You would think setting up a simple home network with2 PC's both using
    vista home premium would be simple!

    Not with microsoft!

    Whilst I can see the shared drives I cannot access them!

    I get "(drive) is available but the user account you logged on with
    was denied access". Bloody typical unhelpful stupidity from

    The even more helpful additional comment is "Make sure you have typed
    the path properly - (the file is what is shown in explore; I don't
    have to type anything!) and you have permission to access the shared
    folder" Again a pretty useless comment as it was their wizard that
    set up the connection!

    There is one user on each system and shareing is needed to transfer
    files, view,delete and alter from time to time.

    Any pointers on where to start sorting this out, please?

    Tried ms website and I'm sent round in circles - as ever.

    Roy Norris, Jun 9, 2009
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  2. Roy Norris

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    1) Set up the same user name/password combination on each PC where files
    are to be shared so Windows recognises your credentials.
    2) You must specifically share drives/folders Right click in Explorer and
    choose sharing or properties.
    Jeff Gaines, Jun 9, 2009
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  3. Roy Norris

    Rob Morley Guest

    Actually I think maybe it's a sign that they've started doing it right
    at last.
    The wizard set up the connection, but you created the user accounts and
    the shares.
    I don't use Vista, but it looks like everything is here:
    Rob Morley, Jun 10, 2009
  4. Roy Norris

    Conor Guest

    No, you're just fucking dumb. It's told you that the user trying to
    access the share doesn't have permission.
    Yes. They're doing security properly so learn how to do it properly. Go
    into the permissions for each shared folder and set the relevent access

    I'll give you a simple solution though as its obviously beyond you.
    Create a new account on each machine using the same username and
    password used to log onto the other.
    Conor, Jun 10, 2009
  5. Roy Norris

    Roy Norris Guest

    Thanks for some of your helpful "advice"

    Clealy it is easier to blame the victim than a rotten system - I'm not
    "fucking dumb". I had a network that worked - I upgrade one of the
    computers to Vista and it doesn't work anymore- so whose fucking dumb?

    What is the point of 2 computers with exactly the same details?

    Stuff you Conor - plonk.
    Roy Norris, Jun 10, 2009
  6. Roy Norris

    [ste parker] Guest

    Whilst Conor's advice was somewhat abrasive and often is, he wasn't
    wrong (and I'm not referring to the stupid user stuff by the way,
    although to be fair you shouldn't necessarily think that what worked in
    one version of Windows would work in the same way in a different one)
    and the solution he gave you will work and is a common thing to do. No
    need to fly off the handle.
    [ste parker], Jun 10, 2009
  7. Roy Norris

    Rob Morley Guest

    The so-called security and networking on previous versions of Windows?
    None, but that wasn't what he suggested. What he said was to set up
    identical user accounts on both machines, as a simple way of getting
    the permissions necessary to manipulate files.
    Rob Morley, Jun 11, 2009
  8. Thanks for some of your helpful "advice"
    Oh don't bother about Conor. He responds to everyone with abuse.
    He doesn't know how to be civil with anyone.

    He might know about computers, but he is well short on courtesy and
    Roger Bayliss, Jun 12, 2009
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