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Discussion in 'Home Networking' started by Jeff Gaines, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Jeff Gaines

    Jeff Gaines Guest

    I have just copied 18 files from my desktop to my laptop, desktop is
    connected to router via a Homeplug AV running at 187Mbps according to its
    utility program, laptop via WiFi at 54Mbps

    The 18 files amounted to 864 MB and took 8' 53" to copy - 1.62 MB/s.

    Putting decimal places in the right place isn't a strength of mine but
    that must be around 12.96 Mbps?

    Both machines are running Win 7 x64 which has a reputation for being crap
    at networking, certainly seems to be true.

    I am very tempted to go 'back' to XP x64, I think I have a couple of spare
    licences. Will that improve things or is there anything else I can do?
    It's got to be Windows, I have too much invested in it to change now.
    Jeff Gaines, Jul 3, 2013
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  2. Jeff Gaines

    Dave Saville Guest

    My home plugs deliver about half rated speed. WIFI will depend on
    signal strength.
    It may also depend on what you used to do the copy. Win file shares,
    ftp, whatever?
    I also would have zipped them up copied the zip over and unzipped -
    better detection of errors.
    Dave Saville, Jul 3, 2013
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