Network recognition, yet cant see workgroup computers

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Ranjan, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Ranjan

    Ranjan Guest

    I had been running win 2000 pro with my wifi XP pro laptop, I wanted to
    share my internet connection from desktop which runs internet connected via
    Ethernet LAN card.
    I inserted the IP address, the subnet, default gate, preferences, alt DNS
    server ID's in TCP/IP which enables me to connect to the internet. On the
    desktop the internet is running fine.

    I shared both computer via administrator accounts using the same workgroups, for desktop for laptop it was working without
    internet sharing, this worked fine for few hours, then I shared my internet
    & while doing so I had a warning that by default that the IP will be set to
    use & i will loose the connectivity, else use the static IP
    given by your administrator.

    On doing so I got internet sharing but have lost the network sharing, now I
    cannot share the 2 computers as it gives me an error "you might not have
    permission to use this network resource" which I fail to understand from
    where & what permission is it asking when I am signed with administrative
    rights on both machines, the guest account on XPpro laptop is also enabled.

    Then I tried the following

    Click start go to run and type in \\ did this from both
    computers for each other.

    Doing so i can see the shared folders on the other computer now, so finally
    something works, yet I cannot see the computers in the network. Now I have
    made a shared folder on both computers & I send the files to that shared
    folder & can see it on both computers, so as of now with this method I am
    able to surf the net as well as share the files/ folders but indirect way.

    I cannot yet see the 2 computers in the network directly but they are
    pinging to each other perfectly.

    On both computers I get "workgroup not accessible" error for some reason,
    other wise normally I can see desktop on desktop & laptop on laptop under
    network neighborhood, where as both the desktop & laptop should be visible
    on each other & I should be able to access it.

    I am using zyxel G-220 on both computers reviewed here

    1.I am using the latest driver for zyxel V2.0

    2.zonalarm on both computers with IP range mentioned (switching off the
    firewall does not solve the problem)

    3.avg antivirus on both computers

    4. Workgroup is same on both "WORKGROUP"

    5. Signed on desktop win 2000 SP4 as "ADMINISTRATOR" NO PASSWORD

    6. Signed on laptop XPP SP1 as "RANJAN" with administrative rights, no

    7. Guest account disabled on both, enabling them does not help either, yet
    the indrect sharing is working,.

    8. IP settings


    Still scratching my head, will I get some solution........I am hopeful.

    Ranjan, Sep 15, 2004
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  2. i had similar problems then started investigating WEP

    particularly this

    'Because of encryption, if the wired network is invisible to the wireless
    nodes and or the wireless nodes are invisible to the wired Ethernet network,
    it is because by enabling WEP encryption your files are made "private". '


    philip ashley
    philip ashley, Sep 15, 2004
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  3. Ranjan

    Ranjan Guest

    Hi Philips,
    This is not the problem in my case as I have disabled WEP, even if I enable
    WEP I can access via indirect access, but as usual "workgroup not
    accessable" erorrs.
    Seems to be that win 2000 & XPP have different ways of granting permission,
    which I am not able to resolve.

    Ranjan, Sep 15, 2004
  4. Ranjan

    Guest Guest


    Have identical problem running XP Home. Shared internet access across
    wireless network not a problem but devices on LAN not visible to each other
    or able to share services. Will try your work around for file sharing.

    One difference appears to be that no workgroup services are shown on one of
    the PC's I am running. Will carry on trying to resolve and post any progress.


    Guest, Sep 17, 2004
  5. Ranjan

    BSOD Guest

    I have seen problems of this sort posted in forums all over the
    internet. I too have had tremendeous grief with it. After
    configuring my network using XP Pro and SP2 on both Dell computers, my
    workgroup computers can see each other but the one cannot share it's
    files with the other. Strangely enough, the shared printers work
    flawlessly. I'll give a quick rundown of the many different solutions
    I have read about and tried.

    1. The number one issue is a firewall, specifically a third party
    firewall. I have seen ZoneAlarm run in the background without being
    in the system tray. I also have not reached a conclusion on this one
    yet but I think that the presence of some firewalls, specifically
    Norton Security, will not allow file sharing, even when it is

    2. "They" say you must have the same workgroup name. I think mine has
    worked with differing workgroup names but it doesn't hurt to make sure
    they are the same.

    3. "They" say you must have your Guest account enabled. It doesn't
    have to be turned on but it should be enabled.

    4. "They" say you must have user accounts configured on both computers
    with the same username and the same password. I disagree. I had it
    working (mysteriously and sporadically) using only one account on each
    computer with no login and no password.

    5. "They" say you should make sure that you have Simple File Sharing
    turned on. This is default and is rarely an issue unless you use your
    computer on a Domain type network at work or school and have it
    configured for higher security.

    6. Try uninstalling your File and Printer Sharing service and then
    reinstalling it under your network adapter's properties. This
    solution didn't do crap for me but it is listed as a potential fix.
    Somebody also recommended trying to install it from your original
    Windows XP CD. I have not tried this solution but have little
    confidence that it could make any difference.

    To date, I have not yet fixed my file sharing problem. I originally
    had the network configured with a D-Link DI-514 router but I had lots
    of problems with it. If you try using a wireless router as a network
    hub (wirelessly or wired) and your intentions are to not share any
    internet connection, please stay away from wireless routers. Most of
    the cheap ones are designed only for sharing broadband internet
    connections and can be hellish to configure otherwise. I am now using
    a Netgear 5 port switch and using static IP addressing and things are
    fine, all except I cannot share the files on the one computer, even
    though it gladly shares it's printers. Good Luck!
    BSOD, Sep 18, 2004
  6. Ranjan

    Ranjan Guest

    Tweak XP a software for tweaking XP was the main culprit which was installed
    in the new laptop, as a last resort I uninstalled it & WAO!!!! its working
    all fine.

    A lesson learnt here is that tweaking utilities do mess up with system

    Thanks all who gave answers.
    Ranjan, Sep 24, 2004
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