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Discussion in 'Network Routers' started by J Lunis, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. J Lunis

    J Lunis Guest

    Hope this is the proper ng.

    Vista Home Premium / Netgear WNR2000 router

    I am in the process of adding a device to my home network. I have run
    in to a few curiosities/annoyances and am looking for advice.

    Ports - where can I find a list of IP addresses the network sees as
    'used?' I tried a handful of IP addresses and I get a popup of either
    "Windows has detected an IP address conflict' or something about an IP
    address already assigned. I suspect these are addresses to hardware I
    no longer have but I wouldn't bet a hanging chad on it. How do I get a
    list of assigned IP addresses and is it possible to 'unassign' them?

    networks - Network and Sharing Center shows 2 - "Home wired" - a wired
    network, and "Home wireless" - yup, a wireless network. "Connect to a
    network" - shows 3 - the 2 above and "Netgear wireless" which I no
    longer use. (BTW, Netgear wireless can be 'found' by my cell phone.)
    How do I delete/kill this 3rd network?

    USB wireless 802.11 b/g adapter. USB? Does that mean I should have a
    USB adapter plugged in to a USB port? Where is the adapter?
    J Lunis, Dec 14, 2010
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  2. J Lunis

    Char Jackson Guest

    Is there a reason why you're not using DHCP for your IP address
    assignments? If so, you might try Googling "network scanner" or
    perhaps "IP scanner" for free tools that will make a list of IP
    addresses currently being used.
    Log into the Netgear router and disable the wireless function. If it's
    already disabled and "Netgear wireless" still shows up, it may belong
    to a nearby neighbor and you'll just have to ignore it.
    I'm sure you'd know if you were using a USB wireless adapter. If you
    used to and don't anymore, you can remove it by going to Device
    Char Jackson, Dec 14, 2010
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  3. J Lunis

    J Lunis Guest

    Thanks for the reply. The device I'm adding is an EnGenius Access Point
    - plugs in to the router. Te default IP is I get a popup
    saying this address is used but I have no idea what has it. Tried to
    change it to xxx.xx.x.21 but this is also used. DLd and installed IP
    Scanner. It shows '2' as 'alive C/R' whatever C/R means. No hints in
    HELP. '21' is shown as 'Dead N/A.' I'm guessing 'Dead' means free and

    Went to Netgear router and disabled as you suggested. Works perfectly
    so far. I'm hoping I don't need that for the EnGenius device.

    USB adapter - it is in Device Manager. I can disable or uninstall. My
    interest is the terminology. Is this telling me I had a wireless USB
    adapter at one time and this entry is a relic? Is it telling me the PC
    has the capability to accept a wireless USB? I'm unsure whether to
    disable or uninstall.
    J Lunis, Dec 14, 2010
  4. J Lunis

    Char Jackson Guest

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to figure out exactly which addresses are
    used and which are free, but if you can set everything to use DHCP the
    whole task takes care of itself. You can also use the ping command
    (ping for example) from a Command Prompt to see if you get
    a reply. That's basically what the IP scanner is doing.
    If it's listed in Device Manager, it generally means at some point a
    device driver was installed for that device. If you have no plans to
    use the USB adapter in the future, I would go ahead and uninstall it.
    Char Jackson, Dec 14, 2010
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