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Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by - Free Tech Support, Apr 11, 2004.

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    Hello Everyone,

    This is just a little note to say that is up and
    running and looking for Article writers and script writers.

    We are looking to create a scripting directory full of useful scripts that
    users can use to help them learn about scripting. - Technical/Network Support Forums

    We are also looking for people to post FAQs on the FAQ site. All questions are answered, I reply
    to everyone, even if I do not know the answer, I go out and try and find it
    for you. - General FAQ Site

    A new site to the list, is mostly a tech site that includes the tutorials, the how tos,
    the interviews, articles etc, and the fun! Its got daily news, and general
    information, Info about how the world is currently being effected by

    If you want to write an Article for the just let me know.

    For Those of you who want to be able to Show off how good you are at
    designing a Site, How about doing something with the following Domain names?
    Do you have an Idea that would fit, do you want something to show on your

    If you have an Idea, contact me on the site, show me
    what you can do, and I will provide you with the domain name and the Website
    to make your design ideas come alive. I will retain ownership, but I promise
    to keep the site running as you design it!!

    Do these domains give you any ideas? - hangout for the l33t g33ks :D - Technical/Network Support Forums - General FAQ Site - The Yahoo Group Version!!

    Just For Laughs!! - Comming Soon, Ecards, Send your Friend a Joke!
 - Free Tech Support, Apr 11, 2004
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