Netflix "watch now", now pan and scan

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by mk, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. mk

    mk Guest

    The new netflix "watch now" service is unfortunalty adding movies in
    the pan and scan, cropped format. The first round of movies they put
    on were widescreen, and the additions are now P&S. I find this to be
    annoying since I always thought netflix was a proponant of the
    widescreen format.
    mk, Feb 11, 2007
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  2. mk

    def456 Guest

    I have a regular TV with a 4/3 aspect screen (1.3 ratio) so I usually prefer
    the "pan & scan" movies, all other things being equal. I used to be very
    sensitive about it and avoided the widescreen versions of movies. Now I
    realize the 16/9 aspect movies (1.8 ratio) are usually reasonably OK,
    especially if I watch them on my computer monitor rather than TV. It's the
    extra-wide 2.35 ratio that is a big problem, and I would like to see them
    cropped down to 1.8 ratio, in most cases. Of course a panoramic movie like
    Lawrence of Arabia really needs the 2.35 ratio. Conceivably I'll get a 16/9
    TV someday but that could be several years away. They're still expensive and
    my current model purchased in 2003 still works fine.

    As for the new Netflix "watch now" movies, I've watched a few but the
    selection is very limited and they're generally not what I want to watch.
    The video quality is poor. Rather than trying to provide streaming movies
    which probably requires high compression, they should allow a complete
    download in good quality (low compression) for later playback. But that's up
    to them. It's a freebie that I'll probably seldom use.
    def456, Feb 11, 2007
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