Netflix Throttling

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Von Fourche, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Von Fourche

    Von Fourche Guest

    How common is Netflix throttling? I joined the one disk at a time plan
    in October. At first I was getting two disks a week easily. Then when
    Thanksgiving hit it seemed like it took forever for my DVD to get to the
    nearest Netflix center (about 80 miles away.) But when they sent one out it
    got to me the next day. This went on for most of December. They send one out
    and it gets to me the next day. I send it back at it takes four days to get
    to them. I figured my DVD's got to them slowly because of all the holiday
    mail. But now in late January it still seem like Netflix is slow. I get
    the feeling they want to limit me to one dvd a week when I could get two a
    week. Heck, during my free trial they were getting to me so fast at one
    time I was thinking I could send and receive three DVD's in one week! lol
    But not anymore.

    I'm going to give them another month but if things don't pick in
    February I'm gong to have to seriously consider canceling.
    Von Fourche, Jan 26, 2006
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  2. Von Fourche

    beavis Guest

    I ran into the same issue, over the same time period. I was very close
    to canceling, but I noticed the service started getting back to normal
    about the second week in January. If it maintains, I'll probably stay.
    If it gets bad again, I'll go. It was to the point that I'd have to
    report all three of my discs as lost, which isn't even an option until
    6 days after I mailed them! It was very frustrating. They would then
    all magically show up the very next day. Grrr.

    Maybe they were trying new throttling software that was a little too

    Frankly, I'd rather them just say "$17.95, 3 out at a time, up to 12
    movies a month," and ship those 12 movies expeditiously, instead of
    playing games with the receiving and shipping dates.
    beavis, Jan 26, 2006
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  3. Extremely common! If they were only honest and say there is a limit to the
    "unlimited" rental offers they wouldn't cause so much bad blood with
    customers. If there was a 10-15 disk a month limit on the 3-at-a-time plan
    then customers who hit their limit within the first 2 to 3 weeks might be
    more likely to upgrade rather than wait 1-2 weeks until their membership
    turns over. Holding disks before officially checking them in or holding them
    before mailing them out just to keep customers under 20 rentals a month is
    just nasty dishonest. As is artificially speeding up availability for new
    customers as opposed to loyal, long time customers.
    Incremental Jones, Jan 26, 2006
  4. Von Fourche

    brian Guest

    I quit NetFlix a while back after having the same problem.I tried
    Blockbuster by mail and they were no better.Now I just have Movie Pass at
    Blockbusters.It's a little more expensive but I can get the movies when I
    want them.It's about $26.00 with tax for 2 at a time.

    brian, Jan 30, 2006
  5. Would someone explain to me how the "Movie pass" works? Is it offered at
    every BB store?
    Alex Grossberg, Jan 30, 2006
  6. Von Fourche

    Greg Guest

    The Blockbuster Movie Pass works great if you only want the most
    popular new releases, but if you want anything even remotely obscure
    or most TV series then good luck finding them at your local

    Given that Netflix has throttled us just like almost everyone else, we
    only get 3 movies per week at best or 12 per month. That's basically
    $1.50 each + tax. Using that number, to justify the $26 Movie Pass the
    local Blockbuster would have to get 17 new movies per month I want to
    see. THE PROBLEM: I'm selective in what I watch so I'm lucky if my
    local store gets 6 new movies I want to see per month... not enough to
    justify the cost unless I wait for 3 months to get 17 movies I want to
    rent, do the pass for 1 month, and then wait another 3 months.

    If Netflix keeps up their bad service I may have to go that route. I
    also tried Blockbuster online and found them a bit worse than Netflix.
    About the only positive I can give Netflix is their site is pretty
    accurate and all but once they have sent me what I requested (unlike
    Blockbuster who has shipped the wrong thing many times). This is
    because Blockbuster's site has many errors, and I've pointed out many
    errors on various moviest to Blockbuster, they say thanks, and the
    errors still have not been fixed. So I don't waste my time telling
    them any more as apparently they don't care about fixing the errors.

    I agree with Von Fouche that Netflix should limit the number of
    rentals per month rather than play all these blatantly obvious and
    offensive throttling games. As an alternative, if $1.50 per rental is
    their magic number, why don't they just charge $1.50 per disc shipped.
    If they ship you 10 movies in 1 month you pay $15 + tax, if they ship
    you 20 you pay $30 + tax. That way if they choose to sit on their
    thumbs for a week and don't ship anything, I don't lose money.

    Those are my opinions.
    Greg, Feb 3, 2006
  7. Von Fourche

    Bob Guest

    If there is any competition, your suggestions would not work. Someone
    would undercut them.
    Bob, Feb 3, 2006
  8. Von Fourche

    kingrundzap Guest

    Also, they may have a significant number of users who get less than 12
    movies per month on the three out at a time plan. If they change to a
    per rental fee of $1.50, they'll be making less on those folks.
    kingrundzap, Feb 3, 2006
  9. Tried those mail renters as well a while back, and eventually got so
    disgusted I told them to go to hell!
    Now if I want to see it bad enough I will simply go out and rent it for
    what it costs me (which BTW even at full rental price is still cheaper
    than seeing it at the old Multiplex), at a couple of stores down the
    road from my house,which opened up in the last few months (so renting
    ain't the chore it once was).
    Otherwise what I now do (as I do with 99.99% of what I view)was to buy
    a Pioneer 220 recorder which I then use in combination with Comcast
    Digital Cable PPV.
    I rent a PPV movie for $2.99 or $3.99 a pop (for a twenty four hour
    time period),at which point I then watch it and burn a copy or two (btw
    on blank discs that cost me on average $.35 each) for later on if I
    want to see it again and again over the following months and years!
    tabernacle2002, Feb 4, 2006
  10. Von Fourche

    Black Locust Guest

    Nope, looks like it's now officially 4 coupons. One per week.

    Talk about a deal! I don't know why anyone would want to stick with
    Netflix after that.
    I know Blockbuster has been guilty of throttling subscribers, but it's
    my understanding that Netflix is twice as bad at it. The complaints of
    Netflix throttling customers is rampant these days. Hell, just look at
    the subject header.
    Black Locust, Feb 5, 2006
  11. Von Fourche

    SoHillsGuy Guest

    A handful of people complaining on an internet forum hardly qualifies
    as rampant.
    SoHillsGuy, Feb 5, 2006
  12. Von Fourche

    Bob Guest

    BB is twice as bad as NF. I just finished up one month of BB (which
    cost me $1) and I got far fewer discs than I am now that I
    resubscribed to NF.

    In defense of both rental companies, there are two factors that you
    should take into consideration:

    1) The online rental business has literally exploded in recent times.
    NF acquired all the customers of WalMart in one bunch, which had to
    put out a big glitch in distribution. BB acquired Hollywood Video, and
    got a bunch of new customers too.

    2) No matter how much we pay the USPS, the service gets worse each
    year. No more is that felt than around Christmas time for non-local

    The point is that your request may likely have to be satisfied by a
    warehouse that is distant from your home which means that it is going
    to take longer to ship to you.

    So far NF wins my business even though I am not getting the same
    performance as I got 6 months ago.
    Bob, Feb 5, 2006
  13. Von Fourche

    Tonester Guest

    Trust me, as a customer of both (actually neither right now) BB is 10 times
    as bad as Netflix. There's just no comparison.
    Tonester, Feb 5, 2006
  14. Von Fourche

    Stephen Guest

    Back in November I subscribed to Netflix 3 at a time. I could get 4-5
    a week.

    Last Monday, sent back two. Last Tuesday, sent back the third. One
    of the Monday's logged in last Friday. The other two today. They sat
    on them for a week.

    When I first started, if a disc arrived back, another was sent the
    same day. Now it's the next day. First class mail Orlando to/from
    Melbourne, FL is one day.

    Stephen, Feb 7, 2006
  15. Von Fourche

    David Guest

    I read the related links, and then I called up Blockbuster because I
    have a free month pending (long story) next month that I don't want to
    lose. The rep said when you switch to a 4 coupons per month plan that
    it doesn't take effect until the next plan/billing date, so switching
    now would lose my free month and the 4 coupons wouldn't take effect
    until the next billing date.

    This is a little strange because the FAQ makes it sound like changing
    plans gets you a free coupon within 24 hours, but that only works if
    you do it right before your next billing date, I guess. I didn't
    change because I don't want to risk losing the free month.
    Last year Netflix was twice as fast as BB, but with the recent high
    throttling at NF, BB and NF are about equally slow in my area... in
    other words 3 movies per week if you're lucky. To me the big
    difference is that NF's web site is better and more accurate. BB used
    to get re-releases which was a big advantage, but now neither place
    gets very many re-releases so if you want to rent an upgraded special
    edition to see the new extras you're probably out of luck.
    David, Feb 7, 2006
  16. Von Fourche

    omarenoryt Guest

    Wow, you must not work for them.
    omarenoryt, Feb 7, 2006
  17. Von Fourche

    wunnuy Guest

    It's very common for Netflix to throttle. I've been in a couple of
    these discussions. They admit to throttling. When you see people claim
    "they don't throttle!" those are people who get four a month and are
    happy with that and ignore the fact Netflix admits to doing it. I am
    hoping that another company will come at some point that actually
    allows you to get as many movies as you can turn in, which Netflix
    claims but does not do. Sadly, Blockbuster is even worse. I tried them
    for a month. I had literally one full week of no movies out, yet seven
    movies in my queue that were all available. When I asked them why
    nothing was being sent, they said "you should have 30 movies in your
    queue. That was the end of that.

    If you don't mind the fact Netflix is run by liars and will hold movies
    a couple days before sending them to you, then keep the service.You can
    still get 3 a week (if you have 3 at a time plan), which is still
    better than a regular video store, but not what they advertise. At the
    moment, it's just the lesser of the evils.
    wunnuy, Feb 8, 2006
  18. Von Fourche

    Bob Guest

    I thought NF lost a class action lawsuit on this very issue.
    Bob, Feb 8, 2006
  19. Von Fourche

    wunnuy Guest

    They did, in fact, lose a lawsuit (although their payment were
    ridiculous, 2 mil lawyers fees and an extra disk for a month for
    Netflix users - whoopie). I just bring up the fact that anytime there
    is a discussion about Netflix's throttling, there's always some guy who
    claims it's not true (because it hasn't happened to him yet) or to just
    accept it and shut up.
    wunnuy, Feb 9, 2006
  20. Von Fourche

    none Guest

    They have to make a profit. The more they send you the more their expenses
    are. The postage and envelopes cost money and the licenses cost money.
    Also lost and broken DVDs cost them money. They are not going to send
    you broken DVD's on purpose. They should just be honest and say there is a
    limit. They aren't going to send you DVDs as fast as possible and then go
    bankrupt because expenses were too high. I also experienced very good
    service the first 2 months and then they slowed down. This is probably a
    stupid plan because people get mad when they get reduced to the real deal.
    none, Feb 9, 2006
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