netbook no wireless connection

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by housetrained, May 13, 2013.

  1. housetrained

    housetrained Guest

    friends netbook connects OK using a yellow cable but i can't get the
    wireless to work. it sees the router and connects with a strong signal and i
    have put in the code number but won't actually connect to the internet. put
    in the yellow cable all is well. Could the Atheros wireless doodah have
    packed up?
    housetrained, May 13, 2013
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  2. housetrained

    Paul Guest

    In your own words, it "sees the router and connects".
    I think that means you saw the SSID of the router, and
    that means a signal was picked up.

    A typical PC is set for automatic connections. To do that,
    it uses DHCP protocol. The router will have a DHCP server,
    while the netbook is a DHCP client. If you selected manual
    connection properties, in the netbook network control panel,
    then DHCP would not be used. You could assign a static
    address for the netbook, you could give it the IP address
    of a DNS server, and then it could translate ""
    into "" format, using the DNS server.

    So when you use DHCP, it does the same kind of things, only
    it gets the necessary info from the router automatically. Since
    the "yellow wire" test passed, that means the router knows
    where the DNS server is. The router "gave" the DNS address
    to the netbook, over the yellow wire. The router also
    "gave" the netbook, an IP address to use, for local usage
    (i.e. netbook has an address like or,
    that sort of thing).

    OK, so you can try some tests.

    1) Try your Wifi thing.
    2) Go to command prompt.
    Do "ipconfig" as a command. (Don't enter the double quotes!)
    See if you got an IP address, like type.
    That helps prove DHCP gave a local IP address to use.
    3) While still in command prompt, try
    If the Wifi DNS info is valid, it should return
    The server field may or may not be valid, as reverse translation
    of the gateway doesn't always work.

    If (2) passes, you can go to your web browser and try

    You should see a web page for Oracle company (which bought
    Sun Microsystems). That basic test, proves the connection
    from netbook to Internet is working.

    The second browser test is

    For that URL to work, the browser needs to consult DNS,
    and do a DNS translation, just like the nslookup command did.
    So if (3) passes, then should work, and
    give the exact same Oracle web page. If (3) fails, then the browser test will fail too.

    The network connection consists of two parts. The ability to
    route a packet and a response, between the two endpoints.
    That relies on numeric IP addresses. The DNS capability,
    is there so a user can enter "convenient" type
    symbolic addresses, and rely on DNS to translate them
    into the numbers that really make it work. We need to
    test both, to get some idea what parts are working.
    For many people, when the DNS is broken (but the
    transport of packets is still working), they say
    the "connection is broken", when all that is broken
    is the translation of into

    Back when I had a particularly crappy ISP, DNS was broken
    a lot on their end. I actually used to keep a piece of
    paper, with on it, so I could
    visit . That was the idea, of keeping some
    DNS translations on paper. In addition, I even had
    some alternate DNS server addresses I could type in
    manually, and by doing that, I could bootstrap around
    the mess at my ISP.


    In this article, some well-known DNS translation servers
    are listed. If you were using a static setup, no DHCP,
    then you could tell your Windows PC to use as
    the address to consult for DNS translations. The Google
    server is not particularly an "official" server - it would
    have about the same properties as the thirty or forty
    servers at my ISP. The advantage in this case, is the
    number is easy to remember, if you ever need it.

    The goes in a dialog like this. In one of the
    bottom entries.


    Now, if you're not even getting that far, then you need to
    look at some other control panel. Like, whatever control
    panel you used to make the connection.

    Paul, May 13, 2013
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  3. housetrained

    housetrained Guest

    "Paul" wrote in message news:kmrcnu$ock$...
    Thanks Paul for all your help. In the end due to this problem and other
    factors [keypad not working properly, etc.] my friend decided to get a new
    Thanks again
    housetrained, May 16, 2013
  4. housetrained

    Paul Guest

    It seems pretty difficult to make a good keyboard. I blame
    the thickness factor.

    Paul, May 16, 2013
  5. housetrained

    housetrained Guest

    "Paul" wrote in message news:kn2o20$uf3$...
    Just bought two 2nd hand KB's from Amazon for my desktops. I recently bought
    a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 (UK) but hated it from the
    start. The space-bar was really noisy and I couldn't get on with the
    layout/shape. I bought a second hand Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard 3000
    and fell in love with it so I got another used one from Amazon.
    Don't like those tiny KB's you get with laptops, tablets etc.
    housetrained, May 16, 2013
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