Net Analysis Tools and Software Licensing Garbage

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Houston SBC, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Houston SBC

    Houston SBC Guest

    I know this is a Cisco group, but I know some of you handle large/complex
    configurations wherein the Cisco tools are not adequate, too complex,
    overkill or just too expensive..

    A few years ago I bought the Solarwinds Toolset Engineers Edition V8 and it
    has been very useful, nay say their licensing.

    If a disk crashes or heaven forbid you upgrade from a 100GB to a 160GB
    disk--the software refuses to work---need a new license key and you must
    wait patiently for the Software Gods to re-issue. This is also a perpetual
    license. I paid to use this software and I see this Mickey Mouse restriction
    as a restraint of trade and quite possibly a UCC violation of the title,
    baylee, and baylor concepts.

    Software is sold just like a car and as such should have similar warranties
    and Vendor responsibilities and penalties--if in breach..

    I have a consulting firm which handles some large accounts that will flat
    tell you to get lost if you want to work Mon-Fri, 8am to 5 pm.

    A lot of the work happens after hours and as such the above software
    licensing issue drives me nuts (I know its a short drive). Why do these
    firms persist in this ancient behavior? Adobe will let you remove a license
    key (requires an Internet connection) from a pc/host--do your upgrade, then
    reconnect to adobe and restore your key. Works wonderful. A fabulous
    software vendor.

    Is the rest of the software industry a bunch of greedy morons---I am tired
    of vapor-ware and the BS that these SW vendors put out as fact--loosing
    money to hackers and crooks. I say they do not want competition...

    I say that those of us who depend on reliable software say NO to the avarice
    Software vendors.
    Every company has losses, don't punish the honest folks.

    For those of you in the software business-don't tie keys to a disk
    drive---one of the few things that every PC will sooner or later lose,
    crash, or upgrade. Furthermore cram your dongles were the sun don't shine.
    Every software vendor that tells me their software is dongled is escorted of
    premise. Sort of funny after they just spent $3000 on a flight--what were
    they hiding?

    Don't use software from companies that don't consider your time. Do not be
    judged by their behavior.

    And for my final comment, Hardware Engineers have to make it work--Software
    Engineers (and I use the term Engineer very loosely here) make excuses and
    then have the !!!*!xx to charge you. We are paying for less than
    professional work--this needs to end.

    Digital Doug
    Avid Cisco user.

    Final Postscript: Digital Equipment Corp--2nd largest computer company in
    the 80's sold to a PC company....they had the audacity to require a license
    key for a mouse. The BIG RAT got them....learn from history software
    Houston SBC, Jul 8, 2007
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  2. In article <OY6ki.25748$>,
    Houston SBC <> wrote:

    >Software is sold just like a car and as such should have similar warranties
    >and Vendor responsibilities and penalties--if in breach..

    No it isn't. Software is licensed, not sold.
    Walter Roberson, Jul 8, 2007
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