Nero Demonstrates Support for HD DVD Technology at CES 2006.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Jan 4, 2006.

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    2006 International CES

    LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 4, 2006--Nero, leaders in digital
    media technology, is demonstrating support of HD DVD technology--the
    next generation DVD format--with its ultimate all-in-one digital media
    suite, Nero 7 Ultra Edition.

    Demonstrations are taking place during CES 2006 at the HD DVD
    Promotion Group booth (Central Hall #7916), as well as at the Nero
    booth (South Hall 1 #21568).

    With its support of HD DVD technology, Nero 7 Ultra Edition provides
    superb audio-visual capabilities, since the format delivers all the
    capacity necessary for many types of recorded content, including
    movies and live performances. Nero will demonstrate high definition
    video playback with Nero ShowTime and Nero Home and HD DVD-Video
    authoring with the Nero HD DVD-Video authoring engine which will be
    included to Nero Vision.

    Two types of single-sided HD DVD discs are available for content
    playback, and Nero 7 Ultra Edition supports both: the 15GB
    single-layer disc, and the dual-layer disc with double-capacity for a
    full 30GB. Using the latest compression technologies, the 30GB disc
    can store up to 8 hours of 1,125-line HD images (depending on transfer
    rates). Today's DVD has a capacity of 4.7GB and can contain 2 hours of
    525-line standard definition (SD) images. The 30GB HD DVD has space
    enough for 48 hours of SD images

    Even though a two hour HD movie consumes 8GB of space, this is no
    problem for HD DVD. Even the lower-capacity 15GB HD DVD-ROM can hold a
    complete movie and a large amount of bonus content (extra scenes, cast
    and director interviews, and a "making-of" documentary). In addition
    to content, viewers will be able to enjoy new levels of interactivity
    that add to the entertainment experience.

    "Nero 7 Ultra Edition's support of HD DVD enables the consumer to play
    back HD DVD-Video disc content with menu navigation in premium image
    quality," said Udo Eberlein, President, Nero Inc. "High quality and
    speedy support of next-generation blue laser formats shows why we are
    leaders in the digital media technology arena."

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    Allan, Jan 4, 2006
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